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Good grief, hockey starts tomorrow?! The NHL offseason is so freakin' short.
Oh the pain you must be going through. See when your team plays in The Finals, they have a shorter off-season.

Go Kings!

Hehe. Everybody's gunnin' for them. The downside (if there really is one) of winning consecutive Cups, I suppose: even regular season games are events for most of your opponents.

Pens seem to have regained their footing after a pretty rough start (which I was very much expecting; I'll bet they're exhausted after two long, grueling playoffs in a row). Four straight wins, with 19 goals over that stretch.

Still pretty worried about how they'll hold up in a few more months, since any stamina issues would figure to materialize more then, but we'll see.

All good people are asleep and dreaming.
Golden Knights are winning the cup this year! I feel it!
Golden Knights? What a stupid name! Sounds like a service escorts provide in Vegas! And their jerseys suck!

Pens seem to have righted the ship a bit, but I still think fatigue, after two long, hard-fought Cup runs, is playing a huge role and is going to be ridiculously hard to overcome. Small price to pay, but a price nonetheless.

Meanwhile, the Golden Knights are in first. What the what.

Yeah, gotta imagine they'll fade a little down the stretch. But what a ride. Happy for them, and (obviously) for Fleury.

Speaking of which, he returned to Pittsburgh last night:

Good stuff. Good on ya', Flower.

Pens won, and they're second in the division. Tied for the second-best futures odds on the Stanley Cup, too. Think they've pretty much righted the ship after that sluggish start. Couple fans I know think maybe Sullivan sorta let everyone take it easy in the first half, which I don't have a huge problem believing under the circumstances. I do think there could still be a fatigue issue, and hell, it's just really hard to sustain a high level of success in any league, but they look pretty formidable again. Kinda nuts to think a third consecutive Cup is even remotely in play, but it is. Go Pens!

All good people are asleep and dreaming.
The Olympic hockey was competitive, but inferior without NHLers. I blame NBC's crap coverage going back to Vancouver and The International Olympic Committee for this.

Congratulations to the artists formally known as Russia for their gold medal win.

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Looks like will get an NHL team in Seattle!

OVG opens waitlist after Seattle puts down 33,000 deposits for NHL season tickets

As for the NBA, suck your Sonics! In the Mid-Nineties when they renovated The Coliseum they deliberately off set the ice.

This was done so they wouldn't have to compete with an NHL team.

Ten years later the owner of The Sonics, Clay Bennett, stated that it wasn't adequate for The NBA and moved them. You can keep The Thunder, The NBA, TV timeouts, fake calls, fake refs, no defense, crap product.

Still going to be a Kings fan. Hope they name them The Sockeyes.

My habs s*ck this year Hopefully we'll get Tavares on the free agent market and draft Dahlin
''Haters are my favourite. I've built an empire with the bricks they've thrown at me... Keep On Hating''
- CM Punk

All good people are asleep and dreaming.
What's off set the ice mean?

There are no seats at the opposite end of the ice.

All good people are asleep and dreaming.
My habs s*ck this year Hopefully we'll get Tavares on the free agent market and draft Dahlin
How's Subban doing in Nashville?

All good people are asleep and dreaming.
How about this?!

Jamie Oleksiak vs Zdeno Chara

It's funny how they had The Tale Of The Tape like magic.

Weird thing about fighting. I love it, but it should be banned. These guys are f@#king monsters.

See! Sockeyes, double meaning.

Was playing a video game yesterday and someone's username indicated they were a Flyers fan. Someone else cheered that, so I said "PENS." Anyway, after a lot of silly (though not mean-spirited) arguing, the Flyers fan says they're going to win 5-1. "Guaranteed."

Final score, 5-2 Pens. He was kinda close?