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Madness is the emergency exit…
Elle (2016)

Michele Leblanc, the daughter of a notorious mass murderer is now the head of a successful video game company. A successful businesswoman who always brings the same open & ruthless attitude to her professional life as to her sex/love life. But after she was attacked & raped in her home by an unknown assailant, she gets caught up in a curious game to tracking down that man down...a game that may, get any moment, spiral out of control!

Nothing great but an interesting psychologically twisted drama with little dose of both thriller & comedic elements.

All Through the House (2015)

Plenty of gore but it actually more had the elements for a Slasher-Porn!

The Girl on the Train

Honestly I thought this would be better, I had a friend that had read the book and gave me some details and so it intrigued me. I think Emily Blunt was miscast, not that she is a bad actor but I had this depiction of the character and she did not fill it. Most of the actors were solid but thought were either under used or miscast. Luke Evans as the husband or "Megan" was under used and confusing. Lisa Kudrow I mean why even have her in the movie her screen time was like 5 mins, she did serve somewhat of a purpose though. Allison Janney could have been any actor because her purpose seemed pointless as the detective that seemed to not really care for the case. I think the best was Justin Theroux he did what the plot expected of him and portrayed his character well. As for the overall story it was solid enough and enjoyable I think it was a bit confusing as they cut between characters all the time. I guess it is worth a watch but probably not at the cinema.

2/5 Stars
Read the book couple of months back and didn't get why it was even bestseller(!?)...REAR WINDOW inspired plot was suitable for a short or medium length story but the write dragged it too much as it was circling on the same scenario for most of the time. Still I thought it could be an intense thriller for the big screen with a clever approach but now it seems they ruined it

I haven't seen the film so i don't know what you are talking about but where you placed that smiley is so intriguing
*Knew I should have just gone with "Was it Monty Python did it???"

This is the End

James Franco: We're actors! We bring joy to people's lives!
Jay Baruchel: Yeah but we don't do it for free. We get paid handsomely much higher than the average professional.

I am personally not a fan of stoner comedies, or most of the stuff Seth Rogen was in, so to see him and other celebrities take the piss outta themselves was, not just amusing or entertaining, but admirable.

What I am a fan of is meta-humor, and there's a lot of those in here, the self-aware, self-derogatory jokes featuring celebrities making fun of celebrities. For the more savvy among you who follow celebrity news, you might pick up some of the in-jokes here, like how Michael Cera's often described as being "too nice". He would always be this down-to-earth cheerful guy on movie sets, and there were parodies back then where he acted like an a**h***, the total opposite of what he's like. That running gag is featured here in the movie, among other 'memes' or rumors these celebrity would be involved with. Jonah Hill mocked for being the odd man out, the "academy award winning actor" among these stoner comedians was an especially funny gag.

Aside from the humor, there's actually a sort of cathartic feeling that comes with showing how imperfect celebrities might be (even if they're just acting). The drama in the movie emphasized that aspect, showing how they're just people like us goofing around, which was an enlightening side of celebritydom not often explored.

The movie, however, did drag a bit too long with its gags at times, which is the same flaw that's seen in, appropriately enough, stoner comedies. When the wit has died down, the comedians' attempts to keep the laughter going can sometimes feel awkward and stale, like a good joke ruined by its retelling. It doesn't help that the background story to this movie - the apocalypse itself - fills up a significant amount of screentime in the form of filler content. The ending that serves to wrap up said apocalypse plotline was also in danger of creating a lackluster and predictable conclusion for the movie, but I have to say, having Backstreet Boys coming back was not the most terrible way of ending a movie.

Overall, I had a good time, and ironically enough, despite this being a stoner comedy, if this is a Jeremy Jahns review, he would probably give this movie a rating of "It's a good time - no alcohol required."

On a sidenote: There was a fan-theory back then that this was the spiritual sequel to "The Cabin in the Woods", and if you've seen that movie, that theory does make some sense in certain aspects. It's also my official headcanon.

The Corruptor: Really liked this movie 6.5/10
Street Kings 2: 5/10 Ray Liotta is definitely showing his age.

Sorry Harmonica.......I got to stay here.
300 (2006)

King Leonidas of Sparta and his 300 fighters fearlessly battle massive numbers of Persians, circa 480 BC.

I forgot how fantastic this movie is. Highly stylized, it's done up in blacks, greys, yellows and reds, treated like a graphic novel. Visually overwhelming. Lots of flying limbs, heads, spearing, slashing and stabbing and other offensively rude behavior. And also some very intense mutant fighters, as well as the insanely creepy Prince Xerxes of Persia.

What I like about this film is despite the chaos, and mass numbers of enemies etc., the battle scenes are very intimate. The testosterone is tapped fully wide open, and the no -retreat-no-surrender creed of our brave Spartans, coupled with strict military tactics makes this a hugely enjoyable battle film to watch.

In reality, the Spartans have been said to actually extinguish their own culture by being too ornery in this way, and the battle tactics and monsters may not be historically accurate, but hey, poetic license in this case, yes please.

Interesting fact -- Several artifacts (actual swords from the original battle, stamped 480 B.C.), are physically known to exist.

Wonderfully done and highly recommended if you're in the mood for a great battle movie.

4.75 severed heads out of 5
Under-the-radar Movie Awesomeness.

I have to return some videotapes...
The Howling (1981) -

Another great 80's horror film, with a super awesome ending. The transformation was pretty great too.
It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

I've always depended on the kindness of strangers
The Cranes Are Flying - 10/10

Wow. Emotional movie. Great story, great script... I never mention cinematography, but this was some great work.