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I've not seen this, but experiments have consistently shown that the more people there are about, the less likely anyone is to do anything to intervene. That's not to say that people don't, of course, just that it's less likely.
I can see that to a point, but these people wouldn't even defend themselves.

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The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)

I would have absolutely loved this film... if it wasn't a musical. Not because I don't like musicals in general, but in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg constant singing felt more like a distraction, Even though some of them were brilliant the majority was not. On the other hand, I enjoyed the color and ending.


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L'Eclisse (1962)

With the slight exception of Red Desert, I've struggled with the films of director Michelangelo Antonioni. This one wasn't so bad for me as far as being difficult to sit through. Besides the beauty that's been evident in all of the movies I've seen of his, I enjoyed this at least a little bit. I haven't been impressed with Alain Delon, but I do like Monica Vitti. I enjoyed a few scenes and liked how it ended, but I couldn't connect in any way.

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Continuing on the Harry Potter franchise:

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: 10/10 - Loved it all from the acting and story to the sound, the music, and the effects!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 6/10 - So much potential wasted. If they stuck closer to the book, it could've been a solid 8-9/10!

Manthan/ The Churning (1976) - Shyam Benegal

A very nice film about a Govt. Officer whose mission is to set up a Milk Co-Operative society in a remote Indian village (a society that will be owned by the villagers themselves and which will give them higher price for their milk than what they get from the local landlord)...but the arrival of the Govt. Officer opens up direct conflict with the landlords and those who benefit from the cheap price of milk...excellent drama...

9 out of 10
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Garam Hawa/ Scorching Winds (1975) - M. S. Sathyu

Another fascinating account of an Indian Muslim family just after India's independence (you can call it partition as well). The film is about the dilemma of this family (or precisely of the oldest member of the family, who has lived all his life in India and now absolutely reluctant to move to Pakistan, just because he is a Muslim). Slowly but surely his close relatives (brothers, sons, daughters) leave for Pakistan because of the unequal treatment they receive in India in every sphere of life...An amazing film, what, for me, it truly depicts is the fact that when Pakistan became a separate country it clearly demonstrated that it was a country for the Muslims, where there will be job opportunities and other benefits for the Muslims only (benefits that they would never get if they chose to live in India because in India the Muslims will always be suppressed and dominated)...but unlike Pakistan, India called itself a secular country (a term that we are still proud of), which meant there will be no discrimination among different castes or religions (well, honestly, India was never a "secular" country, and probably it will never be...). This film depicts this haunting reality with commitment and seriousness...

9.5 out of 10

Katha/ The Words (1983) - Sai Paranjape

A satirical/comic film about the fate of a society where words are valued and relied upon few times more than actions...

8.5 out of 10

Is that actually a list worthy film or would I be wasting time with it?

Save the Texas Prairie Chicken


Still a very good film after all of these years.

4.75 out 5. (I am not the biggest Minnie Driver fan - I know she is barely in it, but it takes it down just a notch )
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The Violent Kind (2010)

Joe Egender puts in a good performance but it's not enough to elevate a film that is a little lacking in cohesion, creates no real empathy for any of it's characters and rather than building an air of tension or suspense just feels like it is going through the motions.
Somebody asked about that in movie questions today-such a random movie to come up in two different threads in the same day.