Hindu boy and Jesus Christ leitmotive


I am looking for a TV movie or mini-series. I think English-language from the 1990s or early 2000-2002, and I probably watched it on Minimax. . It was probably American movie in the style of "Little Princess".
It is the story of an Indian boy living in India - I remember that he prayed to Jesus Christ (there was a large statue of Christ in the church, and he prayed a rather long prayer). The film, of course, in color, not black and white. Unfortunately I don't remember anything else, but maybe someone will knows it.

I watched it between 1999 and 2003 in Polish TV - MINIMAX.
I'm looking for prison movie:

Try searching online using keywords like Indian boy Jesus Christ movie, family film India Christianity, or English movie India boy prays 1990s.

Was it a children's movie?

Was the Indian boy the main character?

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love was from around that time, but it didn't have any Christian themes in it.

A bit more details could help.

Till then here's one mini series called The Chosen One, which I absolutely adore. It's about a Christian boy constantly praying to Jesus, whenever he is in trouble.

It is very similar leitmotive, but I am sure that main character wasn't chubby (he was short and slim) and he was younger (perhaps 8-10 years old). And a movie is max from 2003, I think.

I am sure that it isn't, but "A Passage to Ottawa" (2001) looks similar, however it isn't available online. The main character (a boy) is very similar, but I can't to confirm this.