2nd Animation Hall of Fame


The coolest thing about the results is that I haven't even tallied them up yet, so even I have no idea yet what the placements will be. Haha

I love myself a good time travel film, and despite the fact that this film's time travel logic made no sense, I can forgive it. I like how fast paced the film is, just joke after joke after joke; If one doesn't stick one certainly will.
The writing of the film is very good; All the characters are sympathetic and fun. The film avoids many clichés of modern Disney films in my opinion (They still do that stupid 'Main characters fight and break up at the end of the second act' thing but eh, what are you gonna do?), the story is also very engaging. The animation doesn't look half bad either; The design's of the future world are unique and nice to look at.

Also any piece of media that has Adam West overacting instantly gets my approval.

Very good film @Funny Face.


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