Movies similar too Truman show and Stranger than fiction


Movies where someone finds their reality is staged or predetermined by being part of a story, they come to realize this and try to get out, stop it, change it.

I like the white collar settings these films are in because the strictness of their reality is jarring when it is broken but this is not a requirement. The esthetics are nice also.

I hope i got my point across as to what im looking for thankyou!

Dark City immediately springs to mind.

Much more sinister.

Yes! thought of Dark city right after i put this up Thankyou! Definitely a different vibe from the movies i mentioned but exactly the set up im looking for.

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If Dark City counts, does that mean The Matrix counts too?

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The Game

Groundhog Day for cheery rom-com, but when things get dark and weird, definitely Dark City. I'm glad this came up because I've been on a Noir binge lately and Dark City is a great Noir-Sci-Fi piece that I will have to pull out for a viewing. Not only is nothing what it seems to be, but it gets changed every "night" in this strange place.

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The Cabin in the Woods
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

So I have one, but what you are talking about is basically the big twist at the end of the film. If you look in the spoiler tags, just know that you're going to know the end big plot twist. (I still think you can really enjoy the film even knowing the end, but just want to give plenty of warning!)

WARNING: spoilers below

I'm only two or three episodes into Wandavision, but seems like it might be relevant here. There's also an episode of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil that fits, called "Loser Generated Content".

New Nightmare (sort of)

Adjacent to this might also be something like Source Code.

Spoiler might not be necessary here, but i put it on anyways.
WARNING: spoilers below
The Thirteenth Floor

I remember this being god awful ! i love the movie poster though that youve hidden

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Vanilla Sky
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind