With vacation season coming up for many, just thought I'd ask what everyone's favorite vacation destinations are? What are your favorite aspects of this place?

Vegas- it is like an adult disneyworld pretty much
Florida- Disney World, what can I say
Wisconsin Dells (a close vacation for me)- Water fun and more

I'm going to Vegas again this August and going to Hawaii next year! Whoo hoo!

I go to Cancun practically every year, favorite resort is Rio Tequila even though I haven't been there for a while.

Pagosa Sprins Colorado is another I go to multiple times a year

Pretty much any hotsprings in Colorado are fantastic
(other then Pagosa I love Mount Princeton and Steamboat hot springs)
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

I've been to quite a few places in my life so far. My absolute favourite place has to be the town of San Sebastian in Spain. There's a very hospitable atmosphere in that city, which is quite compact so you can watch a lot of the 'tourist' attractions and really explore the entire town in a couple of days.

The beach of La Concha has to be the prettiest beach I've ever been to. It's in a crescent shape that stretches across the entire La Concha bay with in the middle of the bay Santa Clara island. The downside is that it's always pretty packed over there, so I usually go to Ondaretta beach.

La Concha Bay

Onderreta beach

The town has a more modern side and then there's the old quarter, where you can go to waterside restaurants and eat the freshest fish. There's also tapas (pintxos) bars all over the place there, where you can pick whatever you like and immediately consume it. I've rarely been to a place with such a rich culinary tradition, going from the most traditional, honest rural food to high-end Michelin-star restaurants.


The closest thing to San Sebastian in terms of having a very unique, appealing atmosphere is Venice. But that's another story.

waterside restaurants and eat the freshest fish.
You know why?

My Great Grandfather was Portuguese and he and my pop where great Fisherman.

Mt. Lassen is always fun to hike up in the summer, or search for arrowheads. Kind of a family tradition. Also would like to check out Lake Tahoe this summer.

This was my view from the high roller in Las Vegas, 550 feet high up in the air.
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San Francisco and surrounding California - wonderful area, friendly people, nice climate, relaxed, loads of attractions.

Also love Greece, going to the mainland for a couple of weeks in July.

I loved it in New York, but sadly can't afford to be going to the USA anytime soon. It'd be great to have the money and time to drive all over America.
Meantime just been to France most years, I do love it there too

Of the places I've been, my favourite trip by far was to New York City last year (pics here). For our next holiday we're planning 2 weeks on the west coast (Washington, Oregon and California) for summer '15.

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I love New York. I haven't been there in awhile and need to go back.

I also love New Orleans. I'm planning on going back in January.

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Vegas is cool! Rome would be fun!
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lately i have discovered a passion for waterfalls deep in jungle---not commercialized as tourist destinations . this is one waterfall i intend to visit in india---

jog falls

I usually take two vacations a year. The first, for my anniversary, we go to Vegas! The second, and my favorite, I take a week off and sit at home and do nothing. It's pretty amazing

My dream vacation is Iceland. Also always wanted to go to France and India.

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My dream vacation is Iceland. Also always wanted to go to France and India.
France is cool, been there twice. I strongly recommend visiting the countryside instead of just staying near Paris or other big cities.

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I just came back from SF, second time I was there... Austin is another great city in the US I've visited a few times. But Amsterdam is definitely my favorite place on Earth. I've been there 6 times, and love it. I don't have the money to leave the country (passport issues) or maybe even Flint now until something happens.

The place matters, but the people make the place. Weather is pretty important to me too. My last few trips were for specific events, and it helps to have things to do, places to walk when I'm not doing those events.

I dunno if it qualifies as exciting, but I'm going to Seattle for PAX West for the third straight year. It's a favorite vacation spot because of who'll be there and all the stuff we'll do, though, and not because of the place itself, which I suppose is closer to the thread's topic.

I went to Cali in February and Vegas in April. Back to Vegas in August. Then I'll brainstorm for 2018.