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Iíve done a search and canít see any posts about this series, might have missed something tho. Did anyone watch series one? Iím just watching it again in preparation for the start of series two.
About a British guy who is the new police chief of a small Canadian town which is the site of a new massive oil development. I thought it was pretty good. Tim Roth as the chief and Christina Hendricks as the head of PR for the oil company. Everyone is not as they first seem!

I missed it on Sky but have been watching on channel 4. About 5 or 6 episodes in now and liking it. Going to try and push on with it over the next week or so, so I'm up to date with it.
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I just got Amazon Prime, might check it out.
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Def worth checking out @The UsualSuspect

Glad you're liking it Hun. I think the actor playing the daughter, Abigail Lawrie, is particularly good.