MoFo Fantasy Football 2020 - Regular Season


I've already lost 2 people for the year. I ain't a scared of no curses. I don't think I've lost my top 2 picks this early before but I have definitely lost my top guy, numerous times. This season is far from over. All ya gotta do is get to 8. I think even if this were a 12 teamer it would be hard to find guys on the wire. This league is a battle of attrition every year. Thats what will make it so satisfying if I ever win it. Bye weeks are coming up. This season is just getting started.
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I managed to get my second win but I am beyond dejected. Barring the top scoring teams in this league losing their best players for the season I see no path to the LOVE Brokers winning two more games the rest of the way. The only reason I squeaked out this low-scoring victory is that Chark Week is as banged up as my team and he didn't see one of his players was a scratch in time to replace him on his roster.

Dak Prescott found himself in another shoot out and kept my feint pulse going. If he doesn't keep putting up over 30 fantasy points per week - which seems a pace that will be difficult to maintain and foolish to count on - I have almost literally nothing else. The only other player with a consistent good ceiling that I have left is Seattle's Chris Carson. But late in the win over Dallas, Carson's knee was wrenched in an illegal gator-roll tackle by Trysten Hill. It was not season-ending (yet), but at best it is going to slow him down and at worst keep him sidelined. If Carson can't go I have zero chance of competing. With Saquon Barkley gone that leaves me with third and fourth string bench riders left to chose from. You can find a not-completely-dreadful WR if you look but there are quite literally no running backs left. This week I started The Giants' Wayne Gallman Jr. who rumbled to a mighty 2.40 points, half of his already pathetic projection. Denver's Royce Freeman was the best RB on my sad, bloody bench that I didn't start. He was projected at 3.43 and had a stellar day where he cruised over that to 4.50 points. *sigh*

If Carson is out I will be forced to start two worthless running backs who together will be incredibly lucky to get me ten points TOTAL. Clearly that is unsustainable and is essentially impossible to manage a win with unless Dak can get me 60+ points that week.

My top wide receiver, Detroit's Kenny Golladay, finally saw his first action of 2020 in Week Three and promptly caught a touchdown. The Lions managed to upset Arizona but they are pretty awful, which as long as Stafford and Golladay stay healthy will be fine for me in fantasy terms because they will be looking to throw all the time. But he'll have to pull 20+ per week to keep me in it, and somehow score much more than that if Carson is gone or severely reduced. With Sutton out for the season I can make a patchwork of guys who should at least get in the low double digits most weeks to compliment Golladay, but it isn't going to make up for no running game at all.

So yee-haw, I am in eighth place. I won't get any higher and will surely fall much lower.

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Grats to Holden for pulling out a victory in the Terri-Bowl. My team is downright awful this season, with many of my starters already OUT. I spaced out my roster Sunday, as Holden mentioned, so I ended up playing the invisible man at WR. He didn't do well. It didn't matter though, as Jerry Jeudy would have only scored 8 points, which wouldn't have put me over the top in the final score.

Speaking of Jerry Jeudy, I might as well resurrect Judy Garland and put her in my WR slot for all the good this guy will do me in the upcoming weeks. My WR were already question marks going into the season, and those guys are already on the bench with capital O next to their names. I needed my questionable guys to overperform, with my early round guys living up to expectations or perhaps even going beyond. Neither has happened, and in this here 14-team competition, that spells GAME OVER.

Barring a series of miracles involving a bunch of garbage players suddenly becoming MVPs, I will be hanging out in basement, burning various other managers in effigy.
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Whelp, it has happened. Tennessee wins the sweepstakes for the first COVID outbreak. Eight players confirmed. Their game is in jeopardy this week. Minnesota has to suspend activities, too, since they just played them.

I saw. Yikes.

MLB had some early season issues with this and for a bit it looked like it was gonna take the whole season down. I imagine football's tougher than baseball this way, except with so few games they could theoretically reschedule (for weekdays?!) a lot easier, too. Dunno.

Starting to sound like some of the league has already given up. If that's the case, don't set your lineup when we play. I've yet to win this thing and would really appreciate an easy path to my first mofo trophy.

I saw. Yikes.

MLB had some early season issues with this and for a bit it looked like it was gonna take the whole season down. I imagine football's tougher than baseball this way, except with so few games they could theoretically reschedule (for weekdays?!) a lot easier, too. Dunno.
Baseball can do double headers and schedule multiple games in a week. The NFL can maybe shift some BYE weeks around, once per franchise (until teams start burning their BYE weeks), but then they are stuck. You can't add a second game to somebody's schedule in a week. The "short week" of playing Saturday and then Thursday is already straining.

We'll find out soon how they problem solve.

2nd round draft pick Chris Godwin comes back from a concussion and now has hammy issues, he'll miss multiple games. A hopeful waiver gem in Russell Gage is probably going to be on concussion protocol.

Solution - Detrout TE TJ Hockenson and Philedelphia WR Greg Ward. Who? Well let me tell you! TJ seems to be one of the few reliable recieving options in Detroit, and after DeSean and somebody else got hurt this weekend for Philly, Greg Ward may end up being their new go to guy. Sadly Ward and Ertz are gonna be up against the respectable San Francisco pass defense.

I've always liked a big 14 or 12 team league cause much respect is due the winner. More people can get involved from the site. Also I learn about players I'd never normally hear about. Though at times like this there is no possibility for true confidence being instilled.

I know this is off topic, but WAR RAYS!!!

Is two days going to change anything? This whole COVID thing is getting tiring. I hope the vaccine brings positive results to those who go that route.

Man, if it's Tuesday, I wonder if Yahoo and other fantasy systems are ready to cope with the standings being delayed.
Yes, I was watching the news break on the NFL Network and they said IF the game is played by Tuesday the results will count toward Week Four in fantasy leagues.

It is, but they only have around five days from the Monday tests (and maybe less, if the contact tracing takes a day or two), so the two extra days gets them over the threshold there.

Now reports are coming in that, after further positive tests, the Tennessee vs Pittsburgh will not be played this week at all.
Make changes as necessary guys

Just saw, yeah. Not great, but it does seem like the smartest choice. Just move the bye weeks up. Means the Steelers play 13 weeks in a row after, but whatareyougonnado.

Yeah, but I might have lucked out because I was considering that anyway, against Pittsburgh. I probably would've gone with Tannehill anyway (just because I think he has a higher floor, even against a great defense) but at least now I don't have to choose.