Tomb Raider 2: The Cradle of Life


new tomb raider!
yay...more half naked Angelina Jolie
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Angelina Jolie is the S**T!! She is one of my favorite actresses. She's beautiful in a really confident way. I think she's really talented too.
Oh, and for all the males, you will be happy to know that she rides one of those stand-up jet-skis in the movie, and she's only wearing a bikini while doing it.
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i can feel the drool coming out of my mouth now

Im sooooo not really excited, It was inevitable for this seuql to be made and released the only question is, will it have a great plot, does anyone have a really good link for me to get some decent information on this movie? Ill be grateful for any links posted

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I thought the first one was really poor. It tried to be clever with the old 'find ancient bits to find ancient bits' gimmick. I bet the next plot is the same.

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Strangely, the first Tomb Raider, got better to me upon multiple viewings. I didn't like it the first time I saw it. Then it was on cable one day and I watched it again. With the exception of the absurd John Voight scene, I really liked it the second time. I don't know why--it was like the movie was better when I knew what was going to happen.
That said, I think Lara Croft is a great inspiration to pre-teen girls. She's smart, courageous and heroic (not to mention rich!). I mean look at jrs's pictures: Here's Lara on a motorcycle girls! Now here she is in native garb in a far off country. Here she is looking pleased (and sexy)at an ancient artifact! Did I mention she's awfully sexy in that native garb?
The sequel will be a hit among pre-teen girls, lusty pubescent boys, and grown men into really big... pouty lips.
She's like a tank top clad archeoligist version of Barbie, with just as much plastic , but visible nipples.
I have been formatted to fit this screen.

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Ok, all I can say is that Angelina Jolie is a good actress and represents Lara Croft almost identically alike. With the exception of her glorious breasts wopping around and her nice action poses, the first Tomb Raider movie wasn't appealing to me. It might be due to the fact that I always expected bears in the tombs along with other jungle animals lurking like in the video games which the movie didn't include. That kind of departed the real dangers and any type of realism. There should have been less people roaming the tomb or they should've at least died from vicious tigers and whatnot. That's what I think took away from the first movie. Hopefully the second one will be more practical in its surroundings and proportion (there should be more 'things' than humans).

I'm pretty sure this will be an excellent popcorn movie.

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new tomb raider!
yay...more half naked Angelina Jolie
This is basically every mans excuse to have a wet dream the same night...
what a load of crap
I mean who the hell would pull that ***** in all that skimpy material that she has the nerve to call clothes haha
Oh well I'm happy all you men out there will have a jimmy over this....
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This is true, it's completely for men... and that's why i love it so much.... you see a hot girl like Jolie, jumping around all hot like....yummy...i can't wait to see this one....
the first one was great i hope the second one can keep up.

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I'm sorry to say that I am NOT looking forward to this movie after watching the dismal trailer.

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Why? Most trailers suck anyway. I'll probobly see it.

It looks like a good popcorn movie.
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what are you people talking about, this is Jolie kicking some ass...if your a hardcore video gamer i don't know how the game and movie relate because i haven't really played the game to make that judgement...but i just take this movie for what it is, a HOT girl kicking ass and while finding some sort of artifact.