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Mad Men


Season One, Ep 8 Didn't know Peter's feelings for Peggy were not one-sided. "You have voices, I have other things." I'm wondering if it's ever going to be explained why no one is allowed to ear socks in Cooper's office. I'm going out on a limb and saying that Pete's marriage will be over by the end of season two. How does Don plan to explain a trip to Paris to Betty? "I feel like Dorothy and everything just turned to color." Didn't really get the point of that flashback scene. Is that Barry Livingston playing Davis from the art department? Knew Pete would hurt Peggy but didn't think it would be this quickly. That scene with Salvatore and Elliott in the restaurant had mad sexual tension. "Toothpaste doesn't solve anything." Don't get why Don didn't walk away from those beatniks, for Rosemarie Dewitt? Oh God, Peggy is just as obsessed with Pete as he is. I thought she was smarter than that.

The Adventure Starts Here!
I've started my rewatch (via DVD since nobody seems to be streaming it for free at the moment). I'm on episode 3 of season 1. I'd forgotten just how much smoking and drinking there is.

It's the 60's. Actually the 70's were that far from it either. Not from my childhood memories anyway.
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Two interesting tidbits: Flo from the Progressive Insurance ads read for the part of Joan, but didnít get it.

HBO passed on Mad Men. Hard to believe & guessing whoever made that decision is no longer with HBO.
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The Adventure Starts Here!
It's the 60's. Actually the 70's were that far from it either. Not from my childhood memories anyway.
Oh, I know (and remember!) since I'm THAT old. But since nowadays every show with someone lighting up anything to smoke is given that same warning as the show begins ("Warning: sex, violence, harsh language, smoking" ), I truly had forgotten how many scenes are covered with a smoky haze.

There was this one scene where the Drapers and the Stirlings were having dinner together in a restaurant and they were smoking so much I was sure someone was going to drop ashes into their food.

The Adventure Starts Here!
There was this one scene where the Drapers and the Stirlings were having dinner together in a restaurant and they were smoking so much I was sure someone was going to drop ashes into their food.
If it was in season 1, then I just saw it during my newly begun rewatch. (Betty gets nauseated in the car on the way home from too many gimlets combined with the lobster.)

OK, ready for Season One, Ep 9. Was that neighbor actually keeping pigeons in his mailbox? Loved that Don was at the intermission of Fiorello, a forgotten Broadway musical. How long are we supposed to buy this wallflower thing from Betty? That dress she was wearing was gorgeous. January Jones does have a Grace Quality thing going. Loved the reference to "There's a Small Hotel" that song. Love that Betty even talked to her shrink about this modeling offer. January absolutely crushed that scene with her shrink. It kills me that these guys are supporting Nixon. Not surprised, but I'm really glad that Betty wants to go back to work and that Don hates it. Roger is freaking that another company is courting Don and totally not trying to let Don see it. Solid work by John Slattery in that episode, what a terrific actor. "It's a tragedy...a piece of fruit that went real bad real fast...and no one ever got to eat it." That dress Betty was wearing at the job interview was fantastic. Don could try to be a little more convincing to Betty that he's actually happy for her. Why would the dog do that? Robert Morse is still a total scene stealer, like he always has been. Th way those guys treated Hildy was so skeezy. The Drapers working together...nothing can come of that. "Peggy, this isn't China, there's no money in virginity." Poor Betty...hate to see her becoming Mrs. Draper again...she looked heartbroken when her earrings were being taken out of her ears. Loved Don and Roger not acknowledging the fight.

Don could try to be a little more convincing to Betty that he's actually happy for her.
I've not seen this since broadcast (I really should watch this again sometime) but he doesn't have to because that's the point. So long as he says it, he's 'good' and 'nice'. He's a husband in the 60's, he's a man. She's 'lucky' he was nice enough to marry her and give her such a great life.

Season One, Ep 10 Is that Dwayne Hickman playing betty's father? Looks like Betty has some serious daddy issues. That Kennedy commercial was a riot. I thought Stirling Cooper was backing Nixon. "Kennedy I see a silver spoon, Nixon, I see myself." Loved Roger calling Psycho ridiculous. "The day you sign a client is the day you start losing them." Love that Roger's idea to make up for losing Dr Scholls is to fire someone. When God closes a door, he opens a dress." Peggy put Peter in his place completely without his awareness, loved it. Wow, that was weird the way Roger just hired those twins right in front of all the other girls, talk about thinking below the waist. Roger is a straight up freak. I liked the way Joan handled that advance. It's weird how Roger can just talk to a female stranger about his family. Loved Don bringing Roger back to reality.

Season One, Ep 11. From the second he appeared onscreen, I knew Don's brother was going to kill himself, just didn't know how. It's hard to read exactly how Joan feels about what happened to Roger. Loved the way Don so quickly corrected Peggy about it being an "assignment" and not an "account". I'm impressed that Peggy didn't spend anytime being offended thinking the guys were implying that she's overweight. I burst out laughing at Peggy's response to the machine. Damn, II have never seen anybody with a knack for wearing lingerie like January Jones. I don't like the way this Mencken woman is controlling Don and doesn't give a damn that he's married. Elisabeth Moss nailed that scene where she tried to explain the machine to Don. That scene with Betty and the AC salesman was interesting...glad Betty caught her head. Loved that the Mencken woman didn't get the unconditional support from her BFF that she was hoping for. Why does Roger's return to work demand applause? Can't tell whether or not Joan is aware of exactly what happened to Roger. If that was Roger's attempt at romancing Joan, he really sucks at it. "Soon the milk stains are going to hit the sweat stains." "Blame is one thing, malice is another." My jaw dropped when they mentioned that warning labels haven't been put on cigarette packs yet. Loved Pete's reaction to hearing Don might be made a partner. Why was Peggy pretending to be a smoker for her date? Can't believe they mentioned Wise Potato Chips...we had those delivered to our house when I was a kid. "Advertising doesn't work on's just a lot of people screaming from the walls on the TV." Don needs to stop putting pressure on Betty's therapist. "From what I understand, she provides the pleasure of a man, without the man." I have to say it...Betty's washing machine fantasy was hot. "You presented like a man, now act like one." People better not sleep on Cooper...he's a lot sharper than the office seems to think. If I were Don, I wouldn't trust Pete as far as he could throw him. I love the Stirling Cooper secretarial pool reminds me of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Cannot believe Pete took Don's package. Excellent episode.

Season One, ep 12. Loved seeing Mark Moses as Duck...loved him on Desperate Housewives. Loved Peggy stopping Pete from going into Don's office unannounced. I can't stand Pete, he is SO full of himself. "23 Skidoo"? Seriously? Why was Peggy distancing herself from the party? I see some blackmail coming into Don and Pete's future? "There they are...just the two of them." That scene with Paul and Joan was excellent. I get the feeling that Harry is terrified of his wife. OK, I'm having technical snafus that are not allowing me to watch the rest of this episode so I am going to have to skip to the season one finale.

And now the Season one finale. Loved mark Moses as Duck...loved him on Desperate Housewives. The advice Peter was getting from his father-in-law seemed a little odd for a father-in-law. Why is this guy in such a rush for grandchildren? Is Don going to start using his promotion as an excuse for his extracurriculars? Rich Sommar played that telephone scene brilliantly. I love the way Cooper never comes out and says exactly what he means. So this Francine's husband threw her out of the house in her pajamas over a phone bill? And we're supposed to care because? "The worst is that I'd poison him. Francine is just a touch insane. Why has Duck got Stirling Cooper kissing his ass? Elisabeth Moss nailed that audition scene. Why are Trudy and Peter sleeping in separate beds? Did Betty really think she was going to coax some kind of confession out of Don? Wait a minute is Duck replacing Roger? Loved the direction Peggy gave Annie. Geez, ice, baby. Well, it was ice to see Don feel something about his brother's suicide. Don didn't even question Harry about living in his office? What is it with Betty and this kid, Glen? That's the most I've seen Betty open up to anyone, even her shrink. I was impressed that Pete was truthful with Glen about Clearasil. That suit Betty had on in the shrink's office was very smart, very Grace Kelly. So Betty is aware of who her husband is but wants him to confess...good luck with that, Betty. I'm surprised Don used his own family in the presentation. So unlike him. LOVED Don giving Clearasil to Peggy. "Peggy, remember that now that you have a door, don't forget that you didn't." Of course Joan is seeing red at Peggy's promotion. I bet Peggy doesn't even tell Pete about her condition. I wouldn't put it past Peggy to abort it to keep from endangering her new job. Wait a minute...Peggy was pregnant from the first episode? Very pleased Don is going to be with his family. And what happened to the package from Adam that Pete stole? Loved the finale and am looking forward to season two.

Don going to start using his promotion as an excuse for his extracurriculars?

I predict a redemption arc for Mr. Draper. A little bit of success fills that void in his soul and he turns back to his marriage, but now he must face the hole that is his marriage (his non-presence for many years means that he has a lot of work to do to patch things up with Betty). But who know? Maybe he dabbles a little bit more?

My original impulse was to let the first season sink in a bit, but I've got six more seasons to watch, so I thought it best to keep moving. Season Two, Ep1. The title of this episode is actually the title of a movie from the 60's. Was relieved to see John Slattery's name back in the opening credits, they had me a little scared that he might be gone by the end of season one. Christina Hendricks wearing that red dress. When did we stop wearing cufflinks? Wow, I'm thinking more medication is the last thing Don needs. Loved all the fuss around the arrival of the new copy machine. Elisabeth Moss nailed Peggy's confrontation with that secretary. Did I get it right that Don's boys think he's the one who got Peggy pregnant? "Yes, it was appreciated, yet unappreciated." Duck and Roger...who reports to who? "There has to be advertising for people who don't have a sense of humor." That was kind of weird when Betty referenced Bonnie Butler in Gone with the Wind to her daughter. "What am I supposed to do? Dangle a Pepsi out the window and see if it hooks a stroller/" Damn, January took my breath away in that mink and pink evening dress. Trudy seems to be obsessed with having a baby, the way Charlotte was on Sex and the City. Not sure why Betty feels obligated to make Don feel better about his inability to perform. Not sure why, but I have a feeling at some point we're going to learn that Harry is not the father of his wife's child. Love the irony of Joan telling Lois to adjust her attitude toward Peggy. OK, I must have missed something, Didn't Peggy have a baby during the first season finale? Why hasn't it been mentioned in this episode at all? Pete even asked her if she wanted to have children some day during this episode and she said someday. WTF? Do I have to watch the season one finale again? Didn't Peggy have a baby? "Their success depends on something more than their shoeshine." The copier ending up in Peggy's office was that some sort of personal shot from Joan to Peggy? Exactly how far was Betty willing to go with that mechanic? "Meditations in an Emergency"...what's that about?

Season Two, Ep 2. Is Peggy just a tease? If she's all about her career right now, that's cool, but she should tell guys that. "Apparently, the minute the plane hit, the ground turned plaid." Wow, look at Peter expressing some genuine emotions. Duck seems to be ruffling everyone's feathers except Cooper, who is trying to pretend nothing is happening. Does Peggy have some mental health issues in her past? Well, a little patience was rewarded regarding Peggy. I wonder if Peter's feeling about his dad are going to bring about any change in him.

Season Two, Ep 3. That actor in the commercial ws hysterical, where have I seen him before? Get a wider camera, we want to shoot you in cinemafat." Loved the A Place in the Sun references. "I think it was him or a version of him who could ride." What's with Harry opening other people's paychecks? Doesn't seem like him. Wow is Harry as whipped as he appears to be? "Are you upset about getting caught or are you upset about what you saw?" I'm loving Sal. I don't believe Don fired Lois. Joan working for good can come of that. Don's not thinking about pimping out his wife, is he? That woman is getting under Don's skin pretty quickly. He's starting to be one of those TV characters who does most of his thinking from below the waist. Is that Gabriel Mann from Revenge playing Betty's riding student? Love the way Betty seems so bored with men telling her how beautiful she is. Never seen Kathleen Widdoes as young as she was in that Defenders clip. I wish most of the characters conducted their personal lives with the discretion that Sal does. Roger played Harry like a fiddle and he didn't even realize it. That scene with Don and Jimmy's agent in the powder room was perfect.