MoFo Fantasy Football 2021 - The Season


If Aaron Rogers and Davante Adams have a massive second week explosion to correct that opening debacle I still have a slight chance of eeking out a win. Adams will need just under 31 points in MNF to make that happen. In my full PPR league that is a little easier but it is still possible here. Cooper Kupp got 32.30 yesterday and Davante is certainly more than capable. The biggest hurdle likely isn't Rogers targeting him and breaking some big plays but rather the game script. If Detroit can't keep the score close there will be a limited window before it goes into run out the clock mode with the biggest stars safely on the bench for most of the second half.

I'm looking at 0-2 and hoping to at least break a hundred damn points this week. I can absorb Jarvis Landry joining Jerry Jeudy and Curtis Samuel on my IR for a while but I am already maxed out and I'm only treading water without much real chance of winning week-to-week.

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Another rough week for LKA. Alvin looking like a waiver guy as far as points this week. A few more underperformers sealed my 0-2 fate...
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Definitely benefited from great matchups this past weekend, as I expected. Feeling even better about my receivers every passing week. There is some concern over RB depth, if Jones or Carson goes down for any time. But I suspected that after the draft. *
Need to keep this win streak going, but my matches are going to be tough in the next few weeks.

I have not had any catastrophic, season-ending injuries yet, but I am nicked up and the stars I do have are not yet producing at their top levels. Lamar had a nice game in finally beating Kansas City, but it would have been even better without the two interceptions. I started three Wide Receivers, two Running Backs, and a Tight End in Week Two and not a one of them managed to get a touchdown. Davante Adams and Deebo Samuel both had strong games with 14 receptions and 214 yards between them, but without any scores it wasn't nearly enough. It didn't help that Jarvis Landry went out after the first series and one catch for nine yards. He now joins Jerry Jeudy and Curtis Samuel among my injured. The biggest blight so far has been George Kittle. The 49ers are 2-0 but have done it without utilizing their star TE yet. He has eight catches in the two games but less than a hundred yards total, including just seventeen against Philly.

If Adams, Deebo, Kittle, and any of my backs can actually start visiting the end zone I may get a win or two. But I am not holding out a lot of hope for this campaign already,

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I'm convinced he's gonna leave town after this season. I really hope he doesn't but I'm not a kid. The writing is on the wall. He damn near left this off season. It's a bummer but that's how pro sports are and a good example why we shouldn't take our home teams to seriously.
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Yes, and sadly that now gives me a path to my first victory. Assuming all of my guys finish their games. Which I never do. Would be a crappy way to win, because of somebody else's injury, but since I usually lose that way I would certainly accept it. I went from a 60% chance to lose to a 55% chance to win.

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I need Holden to pull off the “upset”, so it’s very fortuitous. If I can get past Parrotheads, who I owe for last years come from behind Monday night victory, (his kicker scored 12 points to pull off the victory! &#129320.
I’ll be watching your match, as well as Empire-Justin’s Bad Boys, very closely.

The trick is not minding
Starting to think Holden is just cursed. Adams just took a brutal, and illegal, hit. Definitely concussed.

Edit: he came back in a few plays later so probably fine.

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Yoda and I in the Sadboi bowl, and I just manage to pull it out, and that's with a terrible choice by yours truly at RB2. All the other backs I have did better than the goon I put in the slot. A mistake I (hope) I will not make again...

GG Yoda!

Yeah, not great.

Nice that Robinson finally did what he was supposed to, but I had to sit him, since there was really nothing suggesting it was coming.

0-3's tough but doable, still.

Welp, Commish, that puts us up for the Loser Bowl in Week Four. The league's only two winless teams. It'll probably be a 62-62 tie.
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I would have won this week if I would have started Alexander Mattison. I would have started Alexander Mattison if I would have known he was starting. I would have known Alexander Mattison was starting if I hadn't been driving from Oklahoma to Alabama, even then I would still have known Mattison was going to start if his player card would have been updated, notifying his owners he was starting... which seems like significant news. But f*ck it. Got my first loss.

I finally got some touchdowns from my position players! And even with the best Fantasy Player on the planet going down early I still couldn't manage enough points to win. Though I did break a hundred for the first time...and still lost by twenty. If McCaffrey had finished with even just an average game by his standards I would have lost by forty or more. I simply am not competitive.

And this was a week where Davante Adams finally blew up for 12/132 and a TD while Antonio Gibson had a hundred total yards, most of it on that spectacular screen pass that went for a 73-yard TD. Kittle finally had some Kittle-like YACs but did not score in the loss to Green Bay. Lamar Jackson had an OK game that would have been a wonderful game had Hollywood Brown not dropped three sure touchdowns. Alas.

Gonna be a long, sad season for my squad.