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Top 10 Directors w/ 3 of their Best Movies


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(in order)

Vittorio De Sica
-Umberto D
-Bicycle Thieves

Luchino Visconti
-La Terra Trema
-Rocco and His Brothers

Robert Bresson
-A Man Escaped
-Au hasard Balthazar

Frank Capra
-Mr. Deeds Goes To Town
-You Can't Take It With You!
-Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

John Cassavetes
-A Woman Under The Influence
-A Child Is Waiting
-Minnie and Moskowitz

Ingmar Bergman
-The Seventh Seal
-Wild Strawberries

Ken Loach
-I, Daniel Blake
-Looks and Smiles

Mike Leigh
-All or Nothing
-Nuts in May

John Huston
-The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
-Fat City
-The Misfits

Hal Ashby
-Harold and Maude
-The Last Detail
-The Landlord

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Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
Once Upon a Time (haven’t seen it yet, but expect to love it)
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