The Best You've Seen This Year


Probably "X-Men" - from what I had read about it, I thought half the cast would be lackluster and that the film would have major holes in it - but it didn't! It exceeded all my expectations and the opening was pure brilliance.

"Almost Famous" and "The Perfect Storm". "The Virgin Suicides" was also very good.

"Meet the Parents." I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard while at the movies.
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I recently saw "Requiem for a Dream", which will definitely be in my Top 5! Terrific movie, and Ellen Burstyn deserves a nomination.

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In respond to Best Movie seen this year (2000):

Happy Gillmore.
A list of films will help answer the question, "Are there any particular films you want?"'re going back to the beginning. Good man.
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Sin City gets my vote for 2005.

Happy Gilmore?? Sheesh.
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I really thought Robots was great, gets a vote from me and im sure sin city will get my vote too when i see it

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Sin City
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sin city and kung fu hustle

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sin city

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That avatar is ill, UCL. What is it from? You should hang onto that one for a while
its from the tv series Angel

The best movie I've seen all year would have to be either SAW, Sin City, or Constantine.

So far in 2005 the best Ive seen is

DOWNFALL (From the director of DAS EXPERIMENT)which examines the final days of Adolf Hitler's life with an objective eye.
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