Happy Birthday lenslady!


"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Happy birthday, Lenslady. I see someone has already made you a lovely cake, but you can't have too much cake, can you?

I hope you're having a lovely day.
5-time MoFo Award winner.

Thanks to all for your birthday greetings! Heh heh my birthday is actually tomorrow (8/18) but it's never too soon to start celebrating.
Thanks to @John-Connor , don't know how you did it, but you found a cake enrobed in my fave candies lol. I thank you for your kind words @mattiasflgrtll6 And the 'toast' was great. . @honeykid, You're right on the money - one certainly can NEVER have too much cake. So I' m starting on the first cake today, and having yours on my actual bday tomorrow. Hey this birthday windfall is working out great , and as I recall, when you have cake on your birthday(s) there are no calories in them. . 😀
Omg @Citizen Rules - this is terrific - adorable and funny - you remembered my raccoon photo and my love of cats. Perfect pic.

@Yoda , you know how I love this place, and your words just make me smile from ear to ear.
And thanks to @mark f - I got a great big kick out of the singing minions and the clip from a fave movie.

Thanks all - You Mofo guyz are the best!

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Happy Birthday to arguably one of sweetest MoFo's around.

This is me after you give me a piece of Burfday cake. Thank you for accepting me and my issues

Had a very nice birthday , then came back to see two more lovely greetings from two more lovely mofos.

Thank you for the cute , warm and fuzzy card @gbgoodies. Your cards always make me smile and this one surely made my smile a mile wide.

I always get a kick out of following your lively and uber- witty posts on shoutbox, @doubledenim Thank you for the birthday greeting, and don't worry, - if you want to indulge in something other than cake- well why not have a donut...or two....or three (save one for me ) .

Thanks @cat_sidhe, and it's always good to see you on mofo.

Hi @nebbit - Thanks for the greetings from down under...,.and for the guy with the smile.