War Horse


I think Steven Spielberg has the chance to make a great film with Michael Morpurgo's book War Horse. Morpurgo is a best selling author famous for his books for children and young people. War Horse is a very moving story about the horses used on the battlefields of World War One and a young mans love for his horses. It's already been an amazing success as a play on the London stage where the horses are recreated as life size puppets.

Here's Michael Morpurgo's account of how he became interested in the subject, as well as his life dedicated to children through his charity.



Sounds like something I will like... thanks Christine...
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I just heard about this yesterday. Spielberg is one of my favorite directors. He rarely misses. And this one looks like it could be fantastic.

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Trailer for this just came out. Being a huge history buff I am extremely excited about this and can't wait for the release. Definitely will be going to the theaters to see it. Looks like it will be a magical movie.