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⬆️ I should revisit this movie. I recall not enjoying it, but I am going to take another look.
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Hoffa - 6/10
The truth would have made a better movie, but this seemed more like a vehicle for Danny DeVito, who I like, just not as a director. But hopefully a percentage of people go and check out Jimmy Hoffa; there is video and audio of him out there.. Hell, his autobiography would have made a better movie - no need for bs.

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The Report (2019)(...) the dialogue pretty much consisted of the players sitting around being shocked that the CIA could actually be plying a program of torture outside U.S. borders. Yet anyone who would be surprised that the CIA is capable of anything, no matter how corrupt or criminal, has not given the subject much thought or investigation.

The narrative plodded along under the assumption that the 9/11 attack was more than enough reason to allow for vastly increased defense and retaliation toward the Middle East, without ever questioning who the players were in either the planning or the attacks themselves. To my taste it would have been a far more interesting story to question the CIA's involvement. But that film will likely never be made.
Honestly this is what I was excepting just from the trailer alone, that’s why I didn’t even bother watching the film, and now I know I’m okay with it. Thanks Doc!

Only God Forgives (2013)

Rewatch and still incredible in its balls. Long, long drawn out sequences....scenes where you think you are there....could, in retrospect, be Nicolas Winding Refn's greatest work to date.

Single White Female (1992)

Owt with Bridget gets my vote! Crushtastic!

I've always depended on the kindness of strangers
F.I.S.T. - 6.5/10
This is based on Jimmy Hoffa's life. More accurate than other depictions. Too bad Jack Nicholson couldn't be in THIS one.

Hereditary. Loved It. 8/10

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.

When in Rome (Clarence Brown, 1952)
78/52: Hitchcock's Shower Scene (Alexandre O. Philippe, 2017)
Supernova (Thomas Lee [Walter Hill], 2000)
Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am (Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, 2019)

Just before she died, the Nobel Prize-winning novelist agreed to participate in this fascinating doc,
6 Underground (Michael Bay, 2019)
Brothers in Arms (Paul Sanchez, 2018)
30/30 Vision: 3 Decades of Strand Releasing (Multiple Directors, 2019)
The Cotton Club Encore (Francis Ford Coppola, 1984)

Brothers Maurice and Gregory Hines audition at Harlem's Cotton Club, soon to be frequented by famous gangsters and celebrities.
The Wild Man of Borneo (Robert B. Sinclair, 1941)
+ 6/10
Loon Lake (Ansel Faraj, 2019)
Countryman (Dickie Jobson, 1982)
Wind (Edwin Wooyoung Chang, 2019)

A mom and her son work on a very big and exciting project.
The Widowed Witch AKA Mirrors and Feathers AKA Shaman (Cai Chengjie, 2017)
Perception (Ilana Rein, 2018)
Turkey Drop (Jerry Ciccoritti, 2019)
Property Is No Longer a Theft (Elio Petri, 1973)
+ 6.5/10

Gangster/butcher Ugo Tognazzi and his mistress Daria Nicolodi get their rocks off in all kinds of twisted ways.
Human Capital (Paolo Virzì, 2013)
Beauty's Worth (Robert G. Vignola, 1922)
+ 5/10
Oh Lucy! (Atsuko Hirayanagi, 2017)
Slut in a Good Way (Sophie Lorain, 2018)

Three teenage Quebecois (Rose Adam, Marguerite Bouchard & Romane Denis) go to work at a toy store and learn some facts of life.
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Joker (2019)

Didn't live up to its hype (didn't really expect it to). It loaned way more from those Scorsese films than I expected (sadly more from The King of Comedy which isn't my favorites); I'd go as far as calling it a tribute. Also calling it Joker and connecting it with Batman seemed nothing but a marketing ploy (a damn good one apparently but still). Writing had its issues as well (like advancing half of the scenes by Arthur's uncontrollable laughing). Phoenix was fine but not the phenomenon I was expecting from the reviews. An OK film, little above average but definitely not a masterpiece.

While I don't understand all the praises for Joker I don't agree with the SJW/PC hate either. Maybe it's me and my twisted views of the world but I didn't see the film as "a white incel crying about his tough privileged life" and I have a doubt that most of the harshest critics don't really see it that way either; Joker is a mirror for the anarchist liberal left and they don't like what they see so they have to find an interpretation that can justify their hate. It's a film about a "movement" that hates the rich, idolizes insanity and wants to burn down the society (under its protection, of course).

Joker (2019)
One of the best movies of the year, probably in my top 5 at the moment but i still have quiet a few to see that can knock it out. Joaquin Phoenix delivers yet another powerhouse performance. I don't understand the hate at all, it wasn't that violent just a bit (a lot) bleak, this movie deserves more respect than it is getting

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Joker (2019)

...I'd go as far as calling it a tribute. Also calling it Joker and connecting it with Batman seemed nothing but a marketing ploy (a damn good one apparently but still).

This may be a growing trend. Todd Phillips wants to make a gritty crime film, but would never get funding for it. Todd Phillips takes his gritty crime movie and attaches the Joker and gets greenlit.

Plus One (2019)

This is a cute screwball-type modern romantic comedy starring Maya Erskine and Jack Quaid, with a decent supporting cast including Ed Begley, Jr.

Writers/directors Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer guide us through a clever romp which has the two leads agreeing to team up in order to fulfill their respective busy wedding attendance calendar commitments. True to most all rom/coms, one knows exactly where it's going, but this one offers a fun ride.

Erskine gets most of the nutty high jinx parts, which she portrays very naturally. To my taste Jack Quaid was either miscast, or he purposely played the character in a fashion that was too wussy. His portrayal held up well until the third act, but then he overdid it a little.

Still, this is an expected part of the style, and there were more giggles than frowns in this charming wacky picture.

Doc's rating: 6/10