Abandoned films that you think they should have been made


What is an abandoned/ canceled film that you think they should have made whether it was a film in the past or the future. Example: Ben afflecks unmade batman film, Batman triumphant joel scmachers final batman film reportedly, or even james camerons unmade r rated spiderman film from back in the 90s. Give an example of a movie you wanted to see but just didn't get to see because it was cancelled or just didn't come together for whatever reason so hollywood couldn't make it it doesn't have to be a superhero film just any film that didn't get made

The hybrid reboot of Blair Witch where Harvey Keitel from Bad Lieutenant plays the witch.

Personally, I think it would have been terrifying. And have no idea why they aborted the project. Harvey had already taken his pants off for Christ's sake.

I know it would likely be fifty-shades of awful, but I would have loved .... loved for them to have done either the Hellraiser / Freddy vs. Jason sequel or the other one they had in mind with Ash from Evil Dead.

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The answer to this is always 'A Topiary', by Shane Carruth.

This is the sizzle reel he gave to Execs to show what tone the film would have taken:

Also answers to Jabba
This had the potential to have stood out of Hitchcock's filmography as a departure from his usual style and would therefore have been a very interesting watch.

The Force is Favreau
Buckaroo Bonzai vs. The World Crime League

Dr. Detroit 2: The Wrath of Mom

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The original script for Hancock: Tonight He Comes. Much darker and violent.

Nick Cave's Gladiator sequel where Maximus is sent back to earth from Olympus to kill Jesus and his followers

Roger Rabbit 2 - which I believe was actually a prequel as to how the Toons came to be and them fighting in WWII

Cloverfield - I believe this is still in development, but it's either a regularly-shot movie (as opposed to 1st person POV like the original) or possibly shot from a different character's POV. Either way, I want more!

I don't know if it's been discussed but I'd love to see a prequel to The Cabin in the Woods where SCP-style teams actually capture the entities and their summoning devices.
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The Force is Favreau
Nick Cave's Gladiator sequel where Maximus is sent back to earth from Olympus to kill Jesus and his followers

That would've been interesting.

Subtle Slayer of Normies
Leone's Stalingrad.

Kubrick's Napoleon.
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The Force is Favreau
The Nick Cage Superman.

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That would've been interesting.

It's a pretty good read:



Robert Towne's third J.J. Gittes film about the further growing of Los Angeles, reportedly around the creation of the freeway system - some ground of which was likely covered, in a different tone, in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Also one of the subplots in L.A. Confidential. Unfortunately Nicholson and Towne, who had been not only collaborators but very good friends, had a huge falling out over The Two Jakes. Their discord coupled with the fact that the second film was an expensive flop (despite being a pretty darn good flick, if no Chinatown) meant that we will never get the conclusion of the trilogy.

Too bad. Oh, well. Forget it, Jake.

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The Force is Favreau

Seems a bit like God of War with Maximus as a kind of Kratos. I'd pay to see it.

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I wish they had made this Marvin the Martian movie:

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Nothing comes to mind although I know theres been a few disappointing cancellations some years ago when I read through the movie magazines my grandpa would buy once in a while.

I think there was tons of talk about Terminator and endless articles about it and then it didnt happen then suddenly years later I found out about T3 and decided I didnt like the leather jacket Arnold was wearing and thought it was gonna be a trash movie. But when I did finally see it I though it was pretty damn good. Before that though, in the 90s it was a huge deal to those of us Terminator fans and I think we were all put off by the delays and finally the cancellations.

Haven't heard anything about the Brando biopic with Billy Zane for 4 years. I would have loved to see it happen.

Billy Zane as Marlon Brando! That sounds like a fantastic idea.