Places I'll Be This Year (if you wanna have lunch)


So, you all know I go to Seattle around Labor Day each year. I assume anyone able and willing to meet me there already has, though if you've changed your mind or you're new or just missed it the last time: I'll be in Seattle from something like August 28th through September 2nd, if you wanna meet up.

I'll also be in Denver around June 13th-17th, and Jamestown, NY August 9th and maybe 10th. So if you're near any of those places and wanna meet up, lunch is on me.

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I'll be in the green and verdant land from tomorrow for a few more years (hopefully anyway) so if you ever make it over Chris ..... you'll find out that I won't let ya pay
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I don't see Toronto anywhere listed.....
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I don't see Toronto anywhere listed.....
Or Sydney Australia
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Bump! I'll be in Denver for a few days, starting one week from today, just in case anybody's near by and wants to say hello/grab lunch. I've done this with a few people from the site and it's always been a good time.

DAMN, wish I saw this definitely would've been down to meet up in Denver
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Ohiopyle River is really nice. I went there with my ex for a hike last year. This was when I lived in Pittsburgh.
I now live in Maryland, closer to the ocean 🙂

Hehe, nah, same thread, bumped.

I might have to make another one though. Seattle is super likely again, and possibly Arizona around the holidays (this time-ish next year). Las Vegas is very likely at some point in the next year or two, we'll see how things go.