Scorsese's Silence


Somehow I couldn't find a thread for this important upcoming film.

Master of filmmaking Martin Scorsese is luckily still alive and well + he's still adding new films to his fantastic filmography every few years!

After a long time of uncertainty, he finally was able to get one of his passion projects off the ground. He's now almost done filming it. I'm talking of course about:

Silence (2016)

In the seventeenth century, two Jesuit priests face violence and persecution when they travel to Japan to locate their mentor and to spread the gospel of Christianity.

with, among others:

Liam Neeson
Andrew Garfield
Adam Driver
Ciarán Hinds
Rich Graff


The reason I make this thread is because some of the first (promotional) pictures have been published:

~~Click here for other images~~


Are you all as excited as I am?
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Dis gon be good. Scorcese is best when making crime films but I'm really glad he's trying something new. The revealed pic and basic plot looks interesting, mostly because of "violence and prosecution".

Interesting cast too.

He's also one of those rare filmmakers that truly understands the human psyche (in my opinion). I think it will be especially interesting to see how that talent will be represented in this film.

Not particularly excited for this one to be honest. This is obviously a personal project for Scorsese and of course I'll watch anything he does, but I can't say I'm attracted to its subject matter.

Dis gon be good. Scorcese is best when making crime films but I'm really glad he's trying something new.
Well, he's made plenty of non-crime films before so it's not like this is a first.

Yeah I was gonna say it sounds like a mixture of The Last Temptation of Christ and Kundun, although I haven't seen either of those films.

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Certainly sounds more interesting than most of his post-Gangs output combined.
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Scorsese is one of those directors where I will watch whatever they put on screen, he's got a lot of talent.

Out of his more recent works, I'd say Departed is his best movie in the 2000s.

I am just glad that a historically themed movie is made in Hollywood. I wonder if there will be a Lincoln situation with this almost ending up on HBO instead of theaters.

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I can barely contain the excitement.

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Can he make a bad movie if he tried?

I must have seen something of this as a clip the other day as I remember Adam Driver – he has a great presence on screen doesn't he? This trailer makes me cast my mind back to seeing Shogun, which I loved, and does the music remind anyone of The Witch?

Incidentally I wonder if this is the first time since Excalibur that Ciarán Hinds and Liam Neeson have been in the same film. I know they're mates but I don't know whether they've ever had any scenes together in films.

Martin Scorsese Gets Standing Ovation at First LA ‘Silence’ Screening

Martin Scorsese got a hero's welcome on Sunday at the first L.A. screening for his new film "Silence," starring Andrew Garfield as a Jesuit priest in 17th-century Japan.

The crowd of nearly 700 have the director and co-writer a standing ovation at the Westwood Village theater, bolstering the growing impression that the historical drama will be a major awards contender.

The capacity audience included studio guests, press and Academy members, who seemed to welcome the maestro's latest as an unusually contemplative work that continues his long cinematic grappling with his Roman Catholic faith.

"My own concern with religion and with faith particularly somehow changed over the years, through many different films too," the director told moderator and fellow filmmaker James Gray during a lively Q&A following the screening. "This film enabled me to not only think about [my faith] but work it."

In fact, Scorsese has worked off and on for 28 years to bring Shusaku Endo's 1966 novel to the screen. And while reviews are embargoed until closer to the film's December 23 release date, it's safe to say that his efforts look to play a significant factor in the awards race this season.

In addition to Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay, for which Scorsese shares credit with Jay Cocks, at least two performances stand out: Garfield's as a Jesuit whose faith is tested under the increasingly violent persecution of Christian clergy and followers by the emperor's Inquisitor -- and veteran Japanese actor Issey Ogata as the inquisitor.

"Marty would always say, 'That's great, excellent, now one more," Ogata told the crowd through an interpreter. (The actor, first spotted by the director for his work in Alexandr Sokurov's 2005 film "The Sun," was named runner-up for Best Supporting Actor on Sunday by the L.A. Film Critics Association.)

Scorsese said that Ogata had already brought much of the character's movements to the audition: "Using the fans, swatting the flies, the dust in his mouth, the moment he decides to deflate -- we all looked at each other and said, 'OK.'"

"It was like a sitting in a room with a snake charmer, and you were the snake and also th person about to be eaten," Garfield said of Ogata.

In addition, you can expect Paramount Pictures to make an awards push for Rodrigo Prieto's lush cinematography, Dante Ferretti's production and costume design and Thelma Schoonmaker's editing.

"Marty has always been extremely daring. He'll try anything," Schoonmaker told the crowd.

"Some of these effects are out of necessity," Scorsese admitted, noting a dialgoue-free scene in "Raging Bull" where they didn't have enough coverage and a pool scene in "Wolf of Wall Street" where they sped up the middle of a right-to-left pan because "the shot was taking just a little too long."

Scorsese also shared details of his recent visit to the Vatican, where he screened "Silence" in a chapel ("the screen wasn't very big but the entire film played under this very big crucifix") and had a personal meeting with Pope Francis.

"Meeting with the pope was an early morning -- it was 9 o'clock. I'm a new Yorker," he said. "We were given very strict protocol but he was most disarming. I told him that Andrew had gone through the 30 days of spiritual exercises of the Jesuits. And the next thing for Andrew was to be ordained. But that instead he got me. And he laughed. It was quite moving."

Pope Francis had read Endo's novel, Scorsese said, adding that the pontiff told him, "I hope the story of the film bears much fruit."