MoFo Fantasy Baseball - 2020 Season


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I have a strange feeling we are just going to get the most random champion ever this year. Like Toronto or something.

Or Sedai!
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

Kinda rooting for weird in both regards, to be honest. It's a funky year, it's missing the long-haul nature that defines baseball more than any other thing. Best thing to do is just be glad to got to watch and play for awhile and hope it gets back to normal next year.

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It's funny, if I do actually pull it off this year, there will always be that giant asterisk next to the win. Back to 5th place next year!

Or with 10 days left, maybe back to 5th this year!

This has been a goofy year. I've felt like cutting and tinkering with the roster almost every day. And I'm not even sure if I needed to. It was kinda fun tho. Cut a few guys really early I probably wouldn't have in the real season. Probably just gonna see if I can coast it out for a bit. Or not. Have another bad night like last night and I may blow some guys off the roster. It is the way...
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

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My offense is very quiet all of a sudden. Maintaining with pitching over the past couple of nights. Hope my bats wake up over the home stretch!

So, to continue my earlier post, Verlander will miss next most likely, which makes it two straight years, most likely his final ones in Houston.
He probably should have opted for it much earlier, considering this had been rumored months ago. But apparently, he was insisting he could return in time for the playoffs.
He’s pushing 40. Should he just call it a day and retire? To me he has had a HOF worthy career. But he may want to continue and attempt to wash the taint he has from his association with the Astros. However unfair it may seem to some.
By the time he returns, he will be in his 40’s and having not pitched for at least two years.
What do you guys think?

He might be done. I expect he'll at least try to keep going, and athletes seem to be able to play at a high level longer in general, so I wouldn't rule it out.

But yeah, if he knew how this year was gonna go he'd have adopted for it immediately and not lost much. We saw that with some other guys that might have been borderline, like Syndergaard. They look smart now.

I figure he’ll try another year as well, and with Tommy John isn’t necessarily a death toll on ones career, anyways.
The question is how rusty he will be when/if he returns.
I don’t see him re signing with Houston.