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I'm only six episodes into season one of this provocative half hour that stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a retired pro football player who is now trying to carve himself out a career as an agent and mentor to current players. Once again, Johnson's effortless charisma is selling this one all by itself but there's other fun going on here, including Blackkklansman Oscar nominee John David Washington as a troubled player who keeps finding himself in the middle of one scandal after another, Rob Corddry as Johnson's partner, and Omar Benson Miller as another recently retired player who misses the life being a pro football player afforded and is still trying to live the life vicariously, while working as a car salesman and trying to placate a marriage-minded girlfriend. Executive producer Mark Wahlberg has hit a bullseye approaching Entourage territory, a show which this one reminded me of except that the setting is the NFL instead of Hollywood. A winner.

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"""" Hulk Smashhhh."""
I really enjoy Ballers. It’s a very easy show to watch and very enjoyable.
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Just finished season one and I like that not only is Johnson the star of the show, but the character is the moral center of the show as well. Also loving Omar Miller as Charlie Green starting over with the Dolphins and I loved Spence's loyalty to Joe, even if he didn't deserve it. According to Rotten Tomatoes, there was a big dip in the quality of the show in season 2 so I'm curious to see what happens.

It is interesting to see!

I amazed myself by watching & enjoying Ballers. Even though I love HBO, I thought this was going to be really dumb. Have zero interest in most sports & never seen Johnson in anything.

Surprise, surprise, I really enjoyed it & watched several seasons. What impressed me the most with Johnson is that he always stays in character, which isn’t that easy to do over several seasons.

Eventually stopped watching IIRC when Russell Brand (is that his name?) joined the cast. Always disliked him & he ruined it for me.

I especially liked Johnson’s sidekick whose name I’ve forgotten. Great chemistry between them. Also enjoyed Denzel’s son, who is an excellent actor.
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Seven episodes into season 3 and I'm really starting to hate Dule Hill as Seifert...not sure if it's the actor or the character...most likely a combination of both.