The 2017 Oscar Picks Pool is Open


Here ya' go.

Per usual, I was trying to get everything inputted as quickly as possible, so let me know ASAP if anything looks off or anything does't work.

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Man, this is just a great year. La La Land and Manchester by the Sea are.going to be absolute favorites of mine for years to come.

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This looks like it would be fun. There is only one problem, I haven't seen a single one of these movies. Wow! Not even the $50 Cineplex gift card I have sitting here since Christmas, can motivate me to see any of these in the theatre. Hell or High Water I can wait for. I may see Fences at some point in time. That Andrew Garfield double feature is a bit much, but, I'll eventually watch because of Neeson and Gibson. That's it for me, very little interest and no urgency.
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The Picks Pool is more about guessing right than picking favorites, so that's not a big problem. Just a fun little way to add some competition to the live chat.

Anyway, still a month until the ceremony, and people can make or update their picks any time between now and then.

Done and dusted - completely blind as per
Anything above last is a bonus
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First thing I looked for was to see if The Witch got costume design or set design. It didn't. This is why the Oscars suck.

Bump! Got a good number of picks in already, but I'll be bump-de-bumpin' this thread a lot over the next few weeks. And there'll be lots of annoying header notifications and stuff, too, so just give in now and you won't have to see most of it.

NEVER. In fact, next week we're going to have a giant reminder on the header of every page. Just give in now and you won't even have to look at it. It's just the easiest way.

"The Internal Bleeding Dance." - Violet
Ugh leave me alone ya green toad.
Funny! Since I got to know him a bit, I keep thinking that Data would be a better avatar choice.

"The Internal Bleeding Dance." - Violet
Sorry, I know very little about Star Trek. Had to look that one up.

Yeah, I can live with that.

Cool new feature. Good for mass spamming.
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Excuse me for wanting to wait until the last minute.