Bieber Vs Cruise


Justin Bieber took to Twitter the other day and was punching above his weight by challenging Tom Cruise to a UFC style fight.

His own words:

Conor MacGregor then piped in, and actually said he would endorse the fight

So basically a 9 stone pleb just challenged a professional stuntman and martial artist to a no-holds-barred scrap

I actually want Cruise to take him up on the offer, and kick seven bells of sh*t out of him.

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Yea, I'm with you on this one. It's pretty funny overall.
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I love the whole thing.

Do we know why he challenged him? What preceded it? Other than, I dunno, drug use.

Probably had his first beer and felt immortal.

You ready? You look ready.
He probably was watching Mission Impossible whilst drug using and he thought, through delusions of grander, I can take him.

His call out was worth it if only because I discovered this:
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ugh i hate justin bieber i hope he will loose. gonna go for tom cruise
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Considering all the crazy crap Cruise has put himself through in the Mission Impossible films, I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up to the fight with two broken legs and no clothes.
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Yeah, I am in the same camp as Yoda and Chael Sonnen, I like this. I want to see it happen. It won't happen, but I like the idea of Justin Bieber randomly challenging 50+ year old men to cage fights. I really think this should be his new gimmick. He could do the Randy Orton thing and be the legend killer.