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I am buying a suit soon. A real suit. And I would love to talk about suits and get advice about suits.

I've bought suits before, of course. I had a fairly nice suit I got for having my groomsmen rent their suits at a place near here, but that was 80 lbs ago. I have a black blazer and some black pants that form a (surprisingly decent looking) impromptu suit, but I need something tailored and generally nicer, because I'm going to a wedding in Denver in June, and really, it's just time.

I'm pretty settled on either charcoal (safe, can wear for anything) or a dark teal blue (little flashier). I'll post some example pictures, but in the mean time I was just hoping to get people's general stylistic philosophies, suit experiences, preferred cuts, etc.

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Two button, slim fit, wool, and no cuffs when you get them hemmed.

Anything else is just showing off.

And I personally think black with some type of pattern (tiny stripes of blue and grey for instance) is more versatile than grey or navy. Just stay away from solid black and you'll be OK.

If you are feeling more daring, though, find you one in midnight blue. You will look dapper AF.
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Succinct! I like it.

Yeah, leaning heavily to two-button (maybe even one?!), and slim fit, since I guess that's the modern style. Only choice is "slim fit" or something called "extreme slim fit," which I'm guessing I can't quite pull off yet. But I think that's one of those decisions that has to be made in the actual store.

And yeah, definitely ruling out plain black for now.

Here's the shade of blue I was thinking of, roughly. And before I even found the second picture I was thinking a solid black tie would go nicely with it (though I'm thinking maybe orange, too):

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If you can, try to find a blue that is darker than that. Like this:


Stay away from extreme slim fit. It won't look nearly as good as a slim fit suit that has been tailored to you. Plus the extreme slim will go out of style eventually whereas the slim will always look good. The biggest difference between slim and extreme slim is the pants drop (extreme has an extra inch of drop) and the armholes (they are higher on extreme).

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I definitely prefer the thinner lapels in that second picture, though.
That's why you want to stay away from it. The thinner lapels could go out of style tomorrow or 5 years from now. Of course, if you are daring you can always pull it off but you will stick out. IMO, suits are about conformity.

Good stuff re: extreme slim. Think I'll just stick with slim, though I do plan to ask the tailor to go short on the legs and arms. I've always preferred the length come near the wrist even while hanging, even if that makes it slightly shorter while bent.

I don't know if I can be talked into larger lapels, though. It may be a risk, though it feels like it'll stick.

Just not a fan of the dark navy, at least for this. I think you have blue eyes, though, yeah? I imagine navy works better on you than me (mine are brown, and pretty dark brown at that). The wife likes the lighter blue, so it's more about the meta level decision of "more interesting/eye-catching suit" versus a more versatile one. Though if this goes really well I'd probably go ahead and get the other color before too long. I'm kinda worried I'm going to love tailored suits. It would be an expensive habit.

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I bought a suit before my wedding (2016) at Brooks Brothers. It cost me a pretty penny, but they tailored it really well and it is still going strong. I did go during a big sale, though. The fabric is super nice. I went with the charcoal, and have used it for quite a few different occasions with great success. Obviously, you want several different shirt/tie combos to change things up, and little details like nice cuff links and a pocket watch go a long way in completing the package.
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Good stuff. Yeah, I was already thinking (and have had it confirmed by a couple people) that a suit is one area where, if you splurge a bit, it really makes a difference, so I'm determined to go into four figures if I find the right suit and really go all-out.

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My first suit was bought by my dad and I still wear it (2-3 times a year at most). It was not cheap, and that's why I have had it for the last 10 years. I have worn it on many interviews, dates, and formal events. Mine was suit separates if that helps any. Got it at Men's Warehouse (). Brand was JOE Joseph Abboud.

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Good stuff. Yeah, I was already thinking (and have had it confirmed by a couple people) that a suit is one area where, if you splurge a bit, it really makes a difference, so I'm determined to go into four figures if I find the right suit and really go all-out.

Mine started at 4 figures, but there was a sale and then I also opened a Brooks Brothers credit card to get another 10-15% off (I forget which), after which I immediately paid it off and closed the card.

Gracias, all specifics help! There's a Men's Wearhouse very near me, where I was probably going to go first. If I get charcoal I'm probably fine there, but if I go blue and they don't have that shade (or something I like almost as much) I might have to look at some local places.

I 've always liked how a man looks in a suit. I am not going to suggest styles, although I prefer to see a classic style, single breasted suit with a vest, dark blue or charcoal, and with or without pinstripes. (Well I guess I DID just suggest a style then lol ) I also really like that first 'dark on dark' combo that John McClane posted, and I could also see you wearing that with a pale blue shirt. Tie?, maybe green and/or blue.

But what I really want to say is ; Hey Yoda - you lost 80 lbs!!?! Congrats to you!!!!!. Go all out and treat yourself to the nicest suit you can afford to buy. You deserve it. And, as a reward to yourself for enduring the dental work, get yourself a d#%n nice pair of shoes as well).

Can't wait to see what you choose.

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I will add that you don't need to go into 4 figure territory to get a good suit. We were able to get my suit for around $500-600 with no sales, and I personally think it looks just as sharp as one that costs $1000+.

I suggest looking at collections that have suit separates because you will have a better time finding a right fit. Otherwise, you are going to have to ask questions like how big is the drop with this brand? Is it normal, smaller, or larger? The standard drop is 6" but higher end brands are not apt to follow standards.

EDIT: You might also want to take a look at the modern fit stuff, too. I think you'd have an easier time finding something that fits well and looks sharp. Plus, modern fit is even more timeless than slim.

EDIT 2: This last piece of advice is personal preference: I prefer to have a quarter inch of sleeve cuffs poking from under my jacket and I also prefer no break on the pants leg. And currently that is the in thing right now.

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This is what I like to see when my arms are hanging by my side. It shows that you know how to dress with purpose.

As for my pants, I prefer to have no break like the first one. And I stress this next part: DO NOT GET CUFFS!!!!!

However, if you want/like break then I would suggest nothing more than either of these two. The first one being what I think is more timeless.

Again...DO NOT GET CUFFS!!! Unless you want everyone to think you are a gangsta from the 1920s.

Totally on board on all that. I actually have kind of a thick torso (seems to run in the family), so relative to that sleeves and legs tend to be about an inch longer than they "should" be" with standard sizes, so I'm looking forward to wearing something tailored to account for it.

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When I got married I had the option of a free rental or I pay for the rental and get a $500 coupon for a suit.

Obviously went for the suit.
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In my opinion, the best part of owning a really nice suit is dressing it down with street kicks.

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I think the blue-blue has crested or will soon. Charcoal is like sprinkles, it's for winners!