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I watched Freaks. I'm a little bit behind in two HoF's and this. Hope to get my reviews up soon.
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28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds

Nominated by @pahaK

A superhero film made on a budget. In a world where people have powers, they are treated more like animals than saviours. These are not your Avengers, these are people labelled "Freaks" and are shot and killed at a moment's notice.

What I appreciated about this movie was that it just drops you into this world without telling you anything and you need to peel back the mystery yourself to understand what is going on. Is the father just crazy or are there real threats outside their house? I didn't know until eyes started bleeding.

Most of the budget went to the special effects, so the story feels very confined, which is fine because it wants to dive deeper into character drama than action. The little girl does a decent job playing against some well-established actors and despite some confusion in the plot, most of the story follows a straight path.

Check out Freaks to see some creativity in filmmaking and if you need a breather from more Marvel friendly affair.

I've never heard of that^^^
Freaks is possibly my favorite film of 2018. I gave it 4/5, and I like it a lot more than @TheUsualSuspect did, but his review is definitely positive, so I'm happy.