Daniel M's Top 100 - 2014

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I'll probably be finished before you Cobpyth

Anyway some quick notes:

- Lots of changes from last years list, don't be too shocked to see massive movers and even some high films failing to appear at all. This is because of a combination of multiple viewings, having more time to reflect and just generally expanding my tastes in cinema.

- These are all pretty much films I'd consider 'great', I was initially going to do a top 50 but deciding to expand to 100 in order to include some more personal favourites.

- Mixture of all sorts of films, and I hope the list accurately reflects my few years as a moviegoer so far.

- This will probably be a yearly thing. My top 100 is changing all the time because I am always watching more great films, so I initially wasn't going to do a top 100 in ages, but I thought it would be interesting to keep a record every year and watch how my top 100 changes. This list is a lot different, but as I have said, still feels right to me and I think its got a delightful mix of films.

I've watched all of them in the banner, with the exception of The Long Goodbye, and a lot of them are some of my favorites as well, so I can already give you a thumbs up.