Finding a movie without the title


Ya finding a movie without the title. I know it's almost impossible. But maybe some one knows this movie. I was flipping through the channels many years ago and came across something that looked interesting. I began watching until the end. I would like to see it from the beginning.
So this is a foreign film, Italian I think. It's a about a young women falling in love with a guy who is a bar tender. The crazy part is that its kind of a fairy tale. The story changed depending on who's point of view was telling the story. And part of the fairy tale was that "the island would Jiggle"....

I was telling my GF about it one night because its kinda romantic. The title has the women's name in it. "Loving Lydia" loving.......

jog any memories?


I'm not sure where this should be placed.

Thanks Whitbissell that one looks like fun but not the one I'm thinking of.


It is long shot, but maybe "Io sono l'amore" (2009) ? The female protagonist is named Tilda, not Lydia - but it sounds like similar.
I'm looking for prison movie: