Movies that are too long


There's this list here:

I think Alexander (2004, Oliver Stone) is also too long.

Has anyone ever watched The Cure For Insomnia (1987, John Henry Timmis IV), supposedly the longest movie ever made at a total running time of 5220 mins (87 hrs.)

I think Gone With the Wind is too long.... also Titanic...
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I think Alexander (2004, Oliver Stone) is also too long.
I agree, Alexander was just to long and too boring.. and I had such high expectation for this movie.

Yes I agree about movies being too long. It is terrible when bad movies are too long or even mediocre ones, but what about good movies that are "too long"? Like the Godfather. It seems that if that was any shorter that it would not have been as good. What are some other movies that if they had been shorter would not have been good? What ya think?

Seems like Kubrick's films are always a little too long. He is more of a visual director though. I don't know?

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The only time I've fallen asleep in a cinema, so it had better count. Never mind the fact that I was 5 at the time...
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I agree with Gummo about Alexander being too long. I also feel that the Lord Of The Rings trilogy is a lot longer than it ought to be. I know it's supposed to be epic but flippin' hell. Takes AGES just for the damn thing to get to it's middle act.

Ron Howard's Willow does in 2 hours what Peter Jackson did in 3 overlong films.

With some snappier dialogue and editing, 'The Green Mile' could have been fantastic but i found it dragged on for too long.

Also, Leone's 'Once Upon a Time in America' has just come through the post today; i looked at the back and it says the running time is approximately 220 minutes. I've heard good things about this film though, and if it is indeed a great movie, its length should be hardly noticeable.

I have to return some videotapes.
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End did not need to be 3hrs.
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I felt two classics were a bit too long; Billy Wilder's The Apartment and Fredrico Fellini's 8 1/2.
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No great film is ever too long, and no crappy film is short enough. Little Nicky felt like an interminable sentence in painfully unfunny jail to me, and it's a scant 90 minutes (including credits). Lawrence of Arabia is up near four hours long, and as soon as I finish watching it I want to see it again.
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No film is too long if it's good..Holden already said that, tho...

Meanwhile, Willow? Awful stuff.

Sorry, but, I actually prefer the longer cuts of the LotR films over the theatrical cuts. Again, those films are GREAT, not just good, and they are certainly NOT too long.
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Sedai and Holden, a film, whether good or bad, can always drag enough to make it too long of a film when it could have been better if cut down.

I would say just about every Kevin Costner movie. Yes I did enjoy most of them, but it is impossible to watch anyone of them twice unless your willing to fast forward through a quarter of the movie. I'm referring to;

Water World (Mad Max on water, watchable)
Dances with Wolves (pretty good movie, way too long)
Robin Hood (despite the critics hate for it I have watched it a few times, fast forwarding the slow scenes, and butt shots)
The Postman (awful movie)

I disagree with their choice of 'Saving Private Ryan'. The only slow scene was their over night stay in the church, and I think the movie needed it in order to be complete.

Sedai and Holden, a film, whether good or bad, can always drag enough to make it too long of a film when it could have been better if cut down.
Sorry don't agree with you a good movie never drags and never seems as long to me, if that makes sense
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I, too, don't quite buy into the "no good film is too long" school of thought. It's akin to saying "no good film could ever benefit from additional editing." And that's obviously untrue.

The response that good films are never too long is not really a response to the thread's question; it seems to be, rather, a response to a hypothetical question about whether a movie can be bad simply by virtue of its length. But I don't think that's what gummo was asking.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End did not need to be 3hrs.
Totally! Far to bloody long.
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One more thing -- if a movie 'want's to be that long -- well make it into a TV series. Movies are what they are, longer or shorter. but the reality is that the lenght of a movie is driven by the Studios or producers or distributers (they are all one and the same at the end). A long movie better be very good, or cinemas are not gonna run it. They want 3 to 4 shows a day (depending on the country) but if the flick is 3 hours they are screwed.

I think it's a fair argument that if a movie is long good that it doesn't seem that long when it's said and done. I can think of quite a few that i wished were longer that were good, and quite a few that i wished were shorter because they were not very good. I'd agree Alexander was defintly one of those films. Same with Troy. But only because it wasn't a great film. On the flipside Braveheart ,Kingdom of Heaven,Master and Commander the far side of the world, Gladiator were all long films and I loved every second of them.
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