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Connor Macgregor Reviews...X Men:First Class

I'll start with First Class before i get into the rest of The X Men Films. I just came back from seeing this so here goes.

Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto's Brotherhood and Professor X's X-MEN

I really enjoyed this film. This is a prequel which doesn't require you to see the X Men films (Although it does help) and give you a fresh look at the characters. The Story is great and takes you through both character's personal journey (More Magnetos). James McAvoy really nails it as Charles Xavier and puts his own little spin on the role. Michael Fassbender is also great as Magneto and is totally different from Ian McKellen's potrayal of Magneto. Jennifer Lawrence from Winter's Bone plays Mystique and is very good in it. Nicholas Hault most famous for being in the first generation of Skins plays Beast and is really impressive and very similar and true to the character of Beast as was Kelsy Grammer. There are some really good cameos in the film which i won't mention because they are really cool. I'd say if you watch carefully, there are three, although one isn't exactly confirmed, but its one i am guessing.

One thing i want to talk about the film is the ending. If you watch X3 and Wolverine, there are two distinct moments in the film in which First Class has now changed. Being that this could be the first of a trilogy, maybe they will write their way around it, but its a continuity issue i hope they could be smart enough to write their way through.

Overall, This is the best X Men Film since X2 and has a strong narrative, interesting characters and a great fun ride at the cinema that continues Summer Season at the cinema.

Rating - 100% - A+

This was definitely one of the best films i've seen in the cinema this year. Vaughn pretty much nailed it. The setting was a fantastic choice, if at times a bit reminiscent of Watchmen but it suited the film and gave a great backdrop. Fassbender was great, accent a little shaky but him and McAvoy are the perfect in the roles as they sounded on paper. The films don't patter to heavily to the overall continuity, there are a few throw away lines to keep it in check and also some great cameos that I wasn't expected at all and couldn't help but grin at. I wouldn't have minded some more mutant on mutant action (not in that way) but was amazingly pleased the Bacon has a substantial role as an antagonist that wasn't present in the trailers, and he deserves some praise.

There were a few issues, the notably suspect makeup from the trailer is still prevalent. I couldn't accept Mystique or Beast in their blue forms, especially when both were done better in the previous films, minor quibble though. The focus on development is on McAvoy and Fassbender and Mystique who sits between them is poorly developed when she should be a more critical point in identifying between the two men's ideals. Instead she just goes through the motions and has some undefined romances which were quite confusing. The other characters are also left in the background but as most are unknown characters, that's not as surprising.

To be honest though, none of that really stopped the film being highly enjoyable and one of the most enjoyable experiences i've had in the cinema in a long time. So many scenes had me grinning like a monkey because of the strong soundtrack and suave Fassbender being a badass, it was just great fun. And January Jones. I would go through her like a train.


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I've heard nothing but good things, which is surprising considering how bad everything leading up to the film has been.
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Ok I MUST watch this now. Have to wait until Monday or Tuesday though ):

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I will either be overwhelmingly seduced by its charms or find some reason to hate it and be the first to rag on it! Yeah!
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Finally a comic book film with purpose. I was impressed, not only because there were a lot of subtitles for a blockbuster, but because there was a lot more to it than the usual affair and treatment. DC can learn something from this.

Still, when I was walking out, I heard some guy say "There were way too many subtitles but other than that it was fine." What douchebaggery is this?

Agree with the majority, THE best film that I've seen all year bar none.

X-Men First Class helps set the standard for what a prequel should be--not one that just tries to make money like most often do. It’s a great film all on its own and that is a true rarity. It’s a prequel that’s better then the original. It’s bigger, badder, smarter, and full of fun.

The original X-Men was very character-driven, it focused heavily on the development of characters. X-Men First Class does the same but seems to do it with more flare. It’s not just because it’s a period piece. It’s because the creators of this film seem to know the characters perfectly and use them and develop them masterfully. Where XFC gains an advantage is its well-tempered introduction of new characters and a storyline rooted in deeper issues than the simple good vs. evil battle royal. It is here where XFC warrants serious praise. XFC complicates and clouds the conventional black and white tropes of a good vs. evil but does so in style and in shades of gray. These gray areas result from the rise of racism, fear, hatred, doubt and prejudice. Add the best action and stunning visuals and it also results in one extremely satisfying thrill ride!


After a tepid end to the first movie trilogy in 2006's “X-Men: The Last Stand,” followers of mutant madness were left wondering, “Is that all there is?”. However, this Friday's release of prequel/restart “X-Men: First Class” should prove to be more delicious. As reported by Starpulse, the brand-new X-Men movie will breathe new life into the franchise and look good doing it. Its trailers are good, hope this movie stands upto my expectations.

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Subtitles? F*ck this. I'll wait for the dub.

Saw this today; thought it was just OK.

WARNING: "X-Men First Class" spoilers below
The Hugh Jackman appearance was very funny but too short. Good call there.

I haven't really been happy with the whole X-Men franchise from the git go, so its not surprising that I was underwhelmed. No biggie.
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Some of the relationships were a bit quick in the making (even the Xavier/Magneto friendship to be honest), but the movie was already over the two hour mark, so I'll have to live with it.

And maybe another result of the time limit, a few lines of dialogue came off a bit cheesy, but these "technical" issues are the only thing I had a "problem" with. Enjoyed it immensely and really identified with it on an ideological level. It's probably the first superhero film since ever where I didn't violently reject it at that level. Feels good man.

I thought it was okay, but I didn't see that it offered much over the previous entries in this franchise, or other recent blockbusters. My one big gripe, if you can call it that, is that there wasn't any moment that I was taken aback, and there were a lot of sequences of imagery (like the concentration camp) that felt stale and recycled. There were other parts that I enjoyed - the standoff in Argentina for example, or the "recruiting" sequence, but nothing to make me see why this is a remarkable film. It's definitely a vast improvement on the actual 1960s X-Men comics, though.

Saw it again and the movie holds up VERY well under multiple viewinngs.

Even on the second go around, what drives X-Men First Class is the emotional resonance unheard of in most of today’s big budget films. Yet, this movie never gives the feeling that it was dragging in any way. The in-your-face action quickly gets you drawn into the movie, and the plot and characters keep you interested during the rest of the film. I may even see it again this weekend.

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there were a lot of sequences of imagery (like the concentration camp) that felt stale and recycled
I'm pretty sure both the first X-men movie and this movie had the EXACT same opening sequence. Most likely, it was a conscious choice to bridge continuity rather than a failure in creativity, although there was nothing exceptionally creative about this film over the others.

I thought it looked slightly different. It seemed a little shorter (edited down a bit?) and I thought the kid's face looked much thinner in the original. But it's been awhile; I'll have to check out the first film soon and see if my memory's just ever-so-slightly off.

If it wasn't identical, though, it was extremely close.

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A friend of mine says it was shot-for-shot (minus the views of the tower window, obviously), but still new footage. He rewatched X-Men and verified that it was a different kid. Personally, I thought it was the same footage, but I didn't pay enough attention to it.

If they did reshoot it, it's pretty impressive that they got so close to the original scene... although, part of me wonders why they even needed to do that. Couldn't they have just filmed the new shots and edited them into the original footage? Oh well.