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  1. 09-17-17
    wow, I DID NOT recognize Dali AT ALL and thanks for letting me know who was who. There was something inspiring within that line up and now I know why. Thanks
  2. 09-17-17
    What an extraordinary group of gentlemen. Who are they - if I may ask?
  3. 09-12-17
    I would love to see a list of your Top 10 (sure others would, too!).. You have good taste.
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Witness for the Prosecution   4/12/17
Despite not possessing his dashingly good looks from 40's anymore, Tyrone Power's charm still remained untouch

Sunset Boulevard   4/11/17
Soonly it is discovered that the mansion is owned by an ex silent film star Norma Desmond and that's where the

White Nights   4/06/17
One of the most intriguing scenes that really made me appreciate, this film was the dancing scene at the night

The Lost Weekend   3/31/17
The man that made this film, was masterful Ray Milland who practically lived his character

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