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  1. 3 days ago
    Excellent! I'm so pleased you liked it. Sometimes I use a song that I not only love, but want a particular player or two to be exposed to, if they hadn't heard it before. This was one of those times and you're one of the participants!
  2. 08-12-20
    A comment crafted as only a Spaulding could do it.

    You don’t have to leave a reply, unless of course you feel like it or have further questions or whatever. Though I guess superficial in places, I feel like I got around quite well in that long ass reply.

    Edit: dammit there it is again! “ass”... ugh. Guess you were right
  3. 08-12-20
    Touché. You read my reply on Letterboxd though?
  4. 07-27-20
    I'm really glad you both liked it. Pity I crapped out on that round and got too smashed to remember to vote.
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