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Ello, I was born in East London and ever since I could remember I had always loved watching films. I used to bodybuild, just so you know i'm big and tough, and I worship film and cinema in general. Film is art to me. Even the **** ones. Biography
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Watching/reading films, Bodybuilding, going out for drinks. Interests
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  1. 08-09-14
    How'd you hear about Deadite? I'm OK. SSDD for the most part. Glad to hear you're good. You should post again.
  2. 08-01-14
    How are you? Not seen you about in ages. I hope you're well.
  3. 07-02-13
    I dunno, he probably wouldnt care if I just used his name in all honesty but I like the tag of Mr Devils Angel makes me feel all powerful haha.

    CSI yeah, the one with the redhead, and Ted Danson is in the most recent series but im not that far into it. Im big into my Murder Mystery type things so CSI is a top choice and I have a crush on William Peterson (Gil Grissom) in the series.

    Never watched Luther, and im fussy, I wont watch something if I havent seen it from the very start.

    I used to love Tomb Raider as a kid on the playstation though I used to get scared when bears and wolves would attack me, I jump when someone shoots me and im not expecting it on COD though so doesnt say much about me. No doubt I will purchase it at some point, though at the min with "Baby Devils Angel" any buying of games/films/pretty much anything we want is on a back burner. Darn expensive kids grrr.
  4. 07-01-13
    You did congratulate but thanks again

    Yeah so far im not loving the look of this year, but hoping that means ill be pleasantly suprised at some points.

    Me and Mr Devils Angel have started watching CSI from the first season through to the 10th so thats filling some time and playing COD on Xbox fills up some time between baby duties too.
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Taxi Driver   7/10/10
He isn't quite KKK calibre, but there is a sense of him looking for an easy scapegoat and Scorsese films these

A History of Violence   6/27/10
BUT THEN..I did what I often do with most films I watch..I watched it again, and I have to say that never befo

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul   6/23/10
Fassbinder himself pops up in the film as Emmi's very racist son in law

Heat   6/21/10
Heat is, as epic a film I have ever scene if I had to answer 'what's the most epic film i've ever seen'

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