Mulholland Drive   1/26/22
by mark f
If not, why isn't someone's interpretation of a film as "idiotic nonsense" make as much sense as the interpretation of it as "poetic beauty"?

No Country for Old Men   1/24/22
by mark f
Did Anton spare the wife and violate his own code, thus causing the "accident" at the end of the film?

The Dark Knight   1/20/22
by mark f
Many of the characters in the film are duplicitous, but the Joker seems to stay true to his beliefs.

Ratatouille   1/13/22
by mark f
Basically, I think the film's message is along the lines that you may find your better half (Remy is obviously Linguini's better half) in the strangest places.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford   12/30/21
by mark f
As far as the actors and characters go, I'd say that over the course of three viewings, I've warmed to Affleck's performance, but his character still comes across as an underdeveloped cipher who I know little more about at the end of the film than I do when he first opened his mouth.

Cyrano de Bergerac   8/02/21
by mark f
First off, even if the film fibs in its depiction of the way the gigantic candelabras are all lit by hand and then pulled up by rope to light the theatre (and I don't know if it does), that's the way I would want to see the scene staged.

Platoon   3/21/21
by mark f
Platoon perhaps uses Barber's "Adaggio For Strings" as evocatively as any film has, and here's the roll call for the cast ("Sound off if you've got a pair"): Keith David, Johnny Depp, Forrest Whitaker, John C.

The Godfather   1/28/21
by mark f
Maybe this film is a tad more melodramatic than the second one, but even though Brando should have won Best Supporting Actor here (well, maybe not, Joel Grey, anyone?) and Pacino should have been nominated Best Actor (vice versa of the way they actually were), Brando dominates this film in his few s...

Pulp Fiction   1/26/21
by mark f
For me, this is easily Tarantino's best film, and no matter where he drew his "inspiration", it's crammed with quirky, interesting characters and witty dialogue.

Allegro non troppo   1/23/21
by mark f
There are surrealistic touches throughout the film, including many seemingly mean, violent ones involving some of the creations of the animator (Maurizio Nichetti) and a lovely cleaning woman who's mutually attracred to him.

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