Cyrano de Bergerac   8/02/21
by mark f
For me, Depardieu is mindboggling, whether he's being witty, excelling at physical activity, or (especially) pouring his heart out to the love of his life Roxane (Anne Brochet), whether subtly expressing himself as a possible lover to her or heartbreakingly pitching the young soldier Christian (Vinc...

Platoon   3/21/21
by mark f
Platoon perhaps uses Barber's "Adaggio For Strings" as evocatively as any film has, and here's the roll call for the cast ("Sound off if you've got a pair"): Keith David, Johnny Depp, Forrest Whitaker, John C.

The Godfather   1/28/21
by mark f
Maybe this film is a tad more melodramatic than the second one, but even though Brando should have won Best Supporting Actor here (well, maybe not, Joel Grey, anyone?) and Pacino should have been nominated Best Actor (vice versa of the way they actually were), Brando dominates this film in his few s...

Pulp Fiction   1/26/21
by mark f
Jackson should win Best Actor for Pulp Fiction, but since he was nominated Best Supporting Actor for his role as Jules, and John Travolta was nomed Best Actor for Vincent Vega in the same film, I said, well, that's pretty tough, Samuel L.

Allegro non troppo   1/23/21
by mark f
There are surrealistic touches throughout the film, including many seemingly mean, violent ones involving some of the creations of the animator (Maurizio Nichetti) and a lovely cleaning woman who's mutually attracred to him.

War and Peace   1/23/21
by mark f
Fifty plus years ago, the entire Soviet Union government contributed $100 million to make this awesome film, thus making it in today's dollars the most expensive film ever made.

American Graffiti   1/22/21
by mark f
Be sure to watch the Special Features where Lucas discusses that nobody wanted to film the original script, the original cut was over three hours and that if he didn't get a name attached to the film (Francis Ford Coppola), it would have never been financed and filmed in the first place, even though...

Goodfellas   1/19/21
by mark f
You can watch many other of his films, but I'd start with this one and branch off from there.

Taxi Driver   1/17/21
by mark f
I'm once again one of the outsiders at the celebration although Taxi Driver has gone up in my estimation about as much as any film I've seen from the time I first watched it and downright hated it until now.

Alien   1/15/21
by mark f
Alien is a classic and one of those films which should be seen on as large a screen as possible.

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