Spring Breakers   7/16/20
by mark f
When the idiotic James Franco character appears, and the message (?) that his and the spring breakers' lifestyles lead to a dead end seems to be presented, it becomes even more boring, pointless and obvious (in a convoluted, nebulous manner).It is Korine's best-looking film, but that means little wh...

Berlin Alexanderplatz   7/02/20
by mark f
At the end of the 13th episode, Franz was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and the gist of this epilogue is that Franz is taken to a mental hospital and appears to have dreams involving all the characters from the earlier part of the film.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance   7/02/20
by mark f
To be honest, I find the beginning of the film which sets up the flashback, to be a weak start which the film has to overcome, but it successfully does so, and the actual ending of the film, after the flashback ends and everyone, except for perhaps one significant character, knows the truth of the s...

The Outlaw Josey Wales   6/28/20
by mark f
Sondra Locke, who was so good in her debut, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, makes an ethereal love interest who brings out the gentler side in Josey, and makes her first of six appearances in Eastwood films.

There Will Be Blood   6/28/20
by mark f
Some people believe that the final scene is over-the-top; the whole milkshake/bowling alley diptych, but it actually is a mirror of the earlier scene where Daniel spent his most-open, honest exchanges in the film.

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia   2/23/18
by mark f
Things I dislike about it are: I think half of the film shouldn't even be in the film (scenes which go on and on which should have been blue-penciled); Peckinpah's trademark slo-mo balletic violence just doesn't work here; the two motorcyclists!!!; the ease with which our hero (and I consider him a ...

Last Year at Marienbad   1/28/18
by mark f
Last Year at Marienbad is certainly 99% devoid of passion, so even if you don't want to interpret it as a horror film, a ghost story or even a vampire film (there are some interesting visuals involving the sun and the night at the same time and a neat strip of overdeveloped film during a long track ...

Muriel, or the Time of Return   1/28/18
by mark f
Today, I see the film as being much easier to grasp, although I still see it as a film for a highly-specialized audience.

Mon oncle d'Amérique   1/28/18
by mark f
Resnais teamed up with scripter Jean Gruault (The Wild Child) and scientific author Henri Laborit to create one of his most open, inviting films with this, even though it's obviously a Resnais film and will ask its viewers to work to get the maximum pleasure from this film.

Private Fears in Public Places   1/28/18
by mark f
As far as Resnais' style is concerned, this film is far different than his earlier films in that he basically tells the story straightforwardly.

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