The Burning Hell   2/16/22
by crumbsroom
If the production was more baroque, filled with clever cinematic tricks to make the very particles of a Hell Experience as visceral as possible, we might find ourselves frightened by such a prospect of eternal damnation.

Ghostbox Cowboy   2/16/22
by crumbsroom
It is okay to feel cut adrift in this film, to share the headspace with the films main character who becomes increasingly distressed and determined not to sink beneath all the deceit and terror that (apparently) comes with launching a company in China.

Sans Soleil   9/02/21
by crumbsroom
Ultimately, I find some difficulty focusing on a film with such a large scope, especially when much of it plays with the deliberately mundane.

Cutter's Way   9/02/21
by crumbsroom
And we cant be sure exactly why we are meant to fear and despise him At least not beyond the increasingly frenzied conspiracies touted by the films titular character, a disabled and extremely disturbed Vietnam veteran played by John Heard.

Hallucinations   6/03/21
by crumbsroom
But as much as this may be the kind of place where little more than half-awake infomercial watching ever happens, and how it still all seems so depressingly familiar, and remains such a reminder of all my own lost time, the film remains a joyous experience to watch.

Out of the Blue   3/06/21
by crumbsroom
Watching Out of the Blue reminded me of an old pair of cowboy boots I used to wear to highschool.

Wavelength   3/03/21
by crumbsroom
When you stare at something long enough in this room, and the light is playing tricks on you, it becomes possible that anything can be anything.

The Mystery of Oberwald   3/02/21
by crumbsroom
This said, there is still something slightly compelling about watching a film that simply doesnt seem like it should have ever even existed.

The Man Who Fell to Earth   2/26/21
by crumbsroom
We can only watch him as he waits, and as we sit and observe his sole habits of watching endless television and drinking bottle after bottle of gin, the way we pass our time may even seem similarly unbearable in its unenthusiastic approach to living.

The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue   2/19/21
by crumbsroom
With the peculiarity of its soundtrack now haunting the film, no matter how rationally the rest of Manchester Morgue depicts its zombie invasion as being, there will be an ever-present link to some subliminal influence the film has over us.

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