Out of the Blue   3/06/21
by crumbsroom
Watching Out of the Blue reminded me of an old pair of cowboy boots I used to wear to highschool.

Wavelength   3/03/21
by crumbsroom
Try to make what you will of this alien yet familiar room that is waiting for us here and forever.

The Mystery of Oberwald   3/02/21
by crumbsroom
As a result, we cant help but be pulled out of the moment every time we watch the zoom of a lowly camrecorder slowly approach the stony visage of Monica Vitti.

The Man Who Fell to Earth   2/26/21
by crumbsroom
We can only watch him as he waits, and as we sit and observe his sole habits of watching endless television and drinking bottle after bottle of gin, the way we pass our time may even seem similarly unbearable in its unenthusiastic approach to living.

The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue   2/19/21
by crumbsroom
With the peculiarity of its soundtrack now haunting the film, no matter how rationally the rest of Manchester Morgue depicts its zombie invasion as being, there will be an ever-present link to some subliminal influence the film has over us.

Hour of the Wolf   2/14/21
by crumbsroom
At times, the power of the venom Bergman directs towards God in his films makes it almost feel as if they might somehow succeed, where many civilizations worth of unanswered pleas for mercy and forgiveness have failed.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer   1/31/21
by crumbsroom
And as time begins to run out and a final decision must be made, instead of reckoning with any of the emotions he has found on his way, he will instead bumble towards the conclusion by making a spectacle of himself in the living room.

Miller's Crossing   1/20/21
by crumbsroom
Watching Millers Crossing with the knowledge that Tom Regan is a man crippled by pride, and who lives with the fear that all of the feelings he hides inside might one day betray him and get him to chase after that metaphorical hat after all, will somewhat let us in on the inscrutable spell it cas...

Meek's Cutoff   1/15/21
by crumbsroom
After they share a long stare, possibly the only direct eye contact she will receive from anyone in the film, Emily pushes all of her chips in on someone who may or may not be an even greater threat to them than withering away under the unforgiving sun.

The Black Stallion   1/09/21
by crumbsroom
But while my nature may cause me to wince as I watch free-form island life sullied by the intrusion of watching a child learn the jockey trade, this does not mean I am entirely blind to the possibility that, when considered from both sides, the two halves of this film actually do have something...

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