Everybody Wants Some   11/28/20
by crumbsroom
It is a time when ambassadors of both our past and future comingle, and the only way we will ever know who is who is to wait, until we grow older and can look back at everything that has been lost to us.

Leningrad Cowboys Go America   11/26/20
by crumbsroom
In this way, Leningrad Cowboys Go America is one of the great rock and roll movies, even though what they play is in not traditional rock and roll.

The Exorcist   11/04/20
by crumbsroom
There is not much you can expect from a film youve likely watched more than a hundred times, even if it is The Exorcist.

Toys Are Not for Children   10/30/20
by crumbsroom
But when we open them back up , this film will not have stopped carrying on with its unbearably straight face.

Christine   10/21/20
by crumbsroom
While much of the film may ring emotionally hollow, we always have a gleaming red Plymouth Fury sitting in the center of the film, engine purring and indestructible.

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