The Final Girls   2/15/16
by Sedai
There was also a surprisingly effective emotional component between Max and her Mom's character in the film, which adds a little more dimension to the plot and character development - this has the effect of elevating this film above stuff like the Scary Movie series, which relies solely on the satire and parody for which it's known.

Interstellar   3/16/15
by Sedai
One only need briefly scan the reviews on the internet before they find someone claiming the film is the best science fiction film in the past decade, while the next review might slay the film completely as overlong, tedious, melodramatic and several other critical issues that completely ruined the experience for the viewer in question.

Salem's Lot   10/02/14
by Sedai
Anyway, not only is Salem's Lot a pretty well-made TV miniseries, it has a couple of genuinely creepy scenes that had my girlfriend climbing the walls.

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