King of New York   1/17/08
by Iroquois
The only thing that separates King of New York from all the other filmic portraits of New York as a fine city with a seedy underbelly is its usage of shades of blue.

Show Me Love   1/14/08
by Iroquois
Even thought it's the kind of grungy rock you'd expect for any 90s teen movie (let alone one like Show Me Love), it really shines through.

Highlander: The Search for Vengeance   1/10/08
by Iroquois
Time and time again throughout history, Colin and Marcus clash with each other until they come to their final showdown amidst a futuristic New York riddled with plague and war.

The Fountain   1/03/08
by Iroquois
Between the convoluted, thought-provoking plotline(s) and the film's aesthetics, you're in for more than just a movie - you're in for an experience.

No Country for Old Men   12/27/07
by Iroquois
I haven't really seen that many of the Coen brothers' movies - No Country marks the fourth one I've seen, and it may be the best of their movies I've seen at the very least.

Slacker   12/26/07
by Iroquois
Richard Linklater's Slacker is a movie I've been waiting to see for a while, after hearing all manner of buildup over its unusual structure and massive influence on indie film.

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