Venom   10/20/18
by Gatsby
Yknow when I knew Venom would be a mediocre film?

The Grand Budapest Hotel   10/13/18
by Gatsby
You could say that I've developed a sweet tooth for this colorful, zesty, and delicious dessert of a film - or what I'd imagine a treat from Mendl's, a fictional pastry shop in the film, would taste like.

The Prestige   10/04/18
by Gatsby
Nolan has never been good with dialogue, and this lapse in an otherwise talented filmmaker shows in several places throughout the film.

Thor: Ragnarok   11/04/17
by Gatsby
For example, the hilarious bickering between Hulk and Thor during the film's mid-point is because Thor wants to leave, but Hulk doesn't.

Arrival   2/04/17
by Gatsby
Arrival is unlike any other film Ive seen in the cinema over the past few years.

Finding Dory   7/14/16
by Gatsby
Once again writing about how Pixar once again showed audiences how an animated film, or any film in general, should be is almost repetitive.

Captain America: Civil War   5/07/16
by Gatsby
Sure, events need to happen before you can get from A to B, but the end justifying all means doesn't apply to the definition of great films.

Zootopia   3/27/16
by Gatsby
The film's main theme is the importance of not having prejudice, but I did, against the film itself, prior to actual viewing.

Gods of Egypt   3/18/16
by Gatsby
Gods of Egypt is a preposterous film, which constantly creates a distance from plausibility, as if it is self-aware.

The Searchers   3/17/16
by Gatsby
The Searchers is a film that tells its story through individual scenes that gradually build into a burst of action(s), instead of scenes solely having the purpose of plowing through a story a film needs to tell so that audiences can be entertained.

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