Dark City   3/12/16
by Gatsby
Dark City is a one-of-a-kind science fiction film, and it reminds me more of Metropolis than 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Gravity   11/24/15
by Gatsby
Thus, the film tries to be one of those films that blends imagery and intense dialogue and acting together, yet fails on both parts.

Spirited Away   10/30/15
by Gatsby
This film is just one of his silly, but mythical and awe-inspiring films that he's done for years.

Stagecoach   8/10/15
by Gatsby
That's why Stagecoach should be criticized by how well it elevated a linear, extremely common story to a level of genius, which is the necessity of a truly great film, sometimes exceeding the value of an original and experimental film.

Fantastic Planet   8/05/15
by Gatsby
You might have encountered bits and pieces of this film via pictures of bizarre imagery and surreal objects, but they are structures and shapes that surround a vivid, provocative, and intriguing world, where you can get new clothes by getting eaten by a coconut-shaped creature (don't ask how), and n...

Playtime   8/04/15
by Gatsby
For those of you who haven't seen this film yet: drop films from your watchlist and put Playtime as a main priority.

Platform   8/04/15
by Gatsby
Of course, I'm a person who does indeed need to be blown away by some aspect of a film, similarly to many Mofos, for a film to become a favorite on a personal level, so while I found Platform to be a near-masterpiece, I won't be revisiting it too often.

Inside Out   7/17/15
by Gatsby
In this film, in place of humans, they are the most human aspect of this film.

The Third Man   7/11/15
by Gatsby
For the majority of the film, whether it's when characters talk or chases happen, the direction of the plot is uncertain.

The Blair Witch Project   7/02/15
by Gatsby
With a bit more effort and time it could have been a decent horror film, instead it set an infamous example, resulting in dozens of films shaking the camera like a Spanish instrument, and shouting out loud; "Hey look, we made a found footage horror, isnt this great?".

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