The Loved Ones   8/18/15
by CiCi
Also, considering there are only two people threatening Brent, it feels a little bit underwhelming (don't get me wrong, it creates some magnificently wicked scenes, like the drill and kettle one) but they didn't feel so threatening, and I think it may have worked better if Brent had even more people...

Martyrs   8/17/15
by CiCi
It literally changes into an entirely different film, with the first half being a home invasion/psychological horror whilst the second is torture porn (but not as gratuitous as pretty much every other torture porn film) and it leaves the film feeling a little disconnected, that affects the fluidity ...

The Thing   8/12/15
by CiCi
However, this film isn't a spectacular display of acting, but very few horror films are.

The Last House on the Left   8/11/15
by CiCi
The sub-plot involving the police officers wasnt necessary really, it tried to include some comic relief into the film, but it was just a bit silly, and it was one of the many many examples of humour simply not working within a horror film.

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls   8/10/15
by CiCi
But with a so-so cast and very few redeeming features, this film is pretty awful, and I don't really understand how it managed to garner a cult following, perhaps I'm not picking up on something though, I feel that way anyway, because I can't identify any messages the film is trying to make, yet due...

28 Weeks Later   8/09/15
by CiCi
However, this film just uses tropes that have already been implemented into other films, for example, the helicopter scene had already been done in a Romero film.

28 Days Later...   8/08/15
by CiCi
Another probable temptation that the film avoided was its avoidance of becoming an overly patriotic, propaganda, look-how-great (no pun intended)-Britain-is kind of film, which films like 2012 took the fatal mistake of choosing (except in that case, its pro-America, in literally every aspect) and it...

You're Next   8/07/15
by CiCi
It always manages to enhance the effects Wingard attempts to create within several key moments layered throughout the film, and the looking for the magic song was a peculiar juxtaposition to the bleak nature of the film.

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!   8/06/15
by CiCi
In particular, the dialogue is astounding, and it has to be the most quotable film I have ever seen, and I was laughing on a very frequent basis, but thats probably because I enjoy sexual innuendoes and double entendres, and this film is full of them, as is any Russ Meyer film.

Deep Red   8/05/15
by CiCi
His moving camera angles are also a nice touch, for viewing a film through a static camera is something that any movie-goer has become de-sensitised to, so featuring a moving camera in the more slow scenes makes for a nice change, that also allows the viewer to search for anything that may link to t...

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