Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse   4/06/19
by Chypmunk
Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse is rather hit and miss but does have a few moments which manage to elicit a laugh or smile along the way and I'll give it a +

The Neon Demon   4/05/19
by Chypmunk
The Neon Demon may ultimately be style over substance but it's not completely vacuous and in my world there's certainly a place for offerings that have more to offer aesthetically than cerebrally and as a piece of eye candy I'm happy enough to award it a

Rings   4/04/19
by Chypmunk
Rings fits the mould of a sequel that has no real justification which struggles to bring anything of real interest to a franchise and as someone that has a fondness for both the breakthrough Japanese entry and it's American remake I can't honestly give it any more than a

The Taking of Deborah Logan   4/01/19
by Chypmunk
The found-footage style of movie making is one that should be ideally suited to horror but sadly for me generally has far too many annoying aspects to ever be that successful and unfortunately this offering, though better than some in that subgenre, is not the one to change that opinion.

Oh! What a Lovely War   3/26/19
by Chypmunk
What A Lovely War is a little drawn out in places but for me is still very effective in what it sets out to achieve and deserves a +

They Fought for Their Motherland   3/25/19
by Chypmunk
Mixing both action and character study with a smattering of arthouse it's perhaps not always the most straightforward of films but imo generally works quite well and even if a little ponderous in places is a rather engrossing watch overall.

71: Into the Fire   3/23/19
by Chypmunk
Unfortunately both these feelings of contrivance and the sheer amount of running time devoted to a generally underwhelming lead-up to the inevitable confrontation between the two forces do leave that section of proceedings feeling something of a disappointment.

Battle of the Warriors   3/16/19
by Chypmunk
Sadly the presentation does let it down though with some quite poorly managed action scenes (including very obvious CGI in places) and a flow that feels a little disjointed at times.

Last Days in Vietnam   3/11/19
by Chypmunk
That events deeply affected certain individuals involved is quite apparent, none more so than Stuart Herrington who still clearly bears the internal scars of having no way to completely fulfil a promise made - for such strength of feeling to exist nearly four and a half decades later gives those mom...

A War   3/10/19
by Chypmunk
As a film of two halves both parts work reasonably well without either really excelling - for me the initial 'war' part is a little drawn-out and whilst the subsequent 'courtroom half' may provide food for thought it perhaps could have been expanded further.

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