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F. Javier Gutiérrez

Belated third instalment in the Westernised version of the Japanese horror franchise that doesn't bring enough that's new to the table and generally underwhelms.

That the prologue isn't really needed by anyone already conversant with the franchise can perhaps be forgiven (considering the previous movie was released getting toward a generation ago in 2006) but it's also quite poor in content and imo would have been better kept just to a little exposition without some of the imagery. Thankfully at least it is relatively brief.

Whilst the mystery elements may work to some extent for those new to the franchise and there are some modifications to the established mythology, there simply aren't enough differences to not feel like a cheap retread of previous entries to anyone that has seen them. In terms of acting it's a mixed affair with some of the better performers not made enough use of while Alex Roe gets plenty of screen time but doesn't really have the chops to be second lead imo and Aimee Teegarden is at least only given a relatively brief part.

On the positive side the use of sound and the score generally aren't too bad but they don't really provide the requisite level of creepiness and too much of the proceedings are rather flat and lifeless, even the visions and dream sequences that don't necessarily have to conform to reality are somewhat lacklustre and uninspired. The climactic confrontation does try to build a little excitement but it's far too little too late and the resolution so hackneyed and rushed as to be laughable. Add in precious little Samara (the main strength of the franchise) and the whole is just disappointing.

Rings fits the mould of a sequel that has no real justification which struggles to bring anything of real interest to a franchise and as someone that has a fondness for both the breakthrough Japanese entry and it's American remake I can't honestly give it any more than a