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Last Days in Vietnam

Last Days In Vietnam

Rory Kennedy

Documentary relating the eventual evacuation from Saigon of both Americans (official) and South Vietnamese (unofficial) following the big North Vietnamese push a couple of years after American Military involvement was officially ended with the signing of the Paris Peace Accords.

There's nothing remarkable or out of the ordinary about the presentation format, consisting of plenty of video footage and photographic stills interspersed with slices of 'talking heads' interviews from those present at the time, but there is a nice flow to proceedings and enough individual tales to makes it a very easy and fairly engrossing watch.

That events deeply affected certain individuals involved is quite apparent, none more so than Stuart Herrington who still clearly bears the internal scars of having no way to completely fulfil a promise made - for such strength of feeling to exist nearly four and a half decades later gives those moments quite a level of emotional impact. In fact there is a lot of humanity on display, both from those within Saigon itself and those receiving the evacuees, which makes this not only of historical interest but at times a rather heartwarming viewing.

Last Days In Vietnam balances its content rather well imo, making it not only historically interesting but also worthwhile as a piece of human drama and for that I think it deserves a