The Happening   9/24/15
by Iroquois
The writing in other areas tends to be extremely wanting as the film not only struggles to keep the film going but also fills out its scenes with some rather shoddy writing (especially in the film's third act where the small group of survivors that we're following stumbles upon not one but two viole...

The Happening   8/20/09
Overall, I found [i]The Happening[/i] to be a compelling suspense-horror with a fantastic cast, yet containing an undesirable number of unconvincing and/or unrealistic moments throughout...

The Happening   3/16/09
by MovieMan8877445
Easily Shymalan's most underrated movie so far; I mean this movie gets so much crap for no reason, to me at least. I loved it, sadly I think I'm in the minority with this one.

The Happening   7/17/08
by The Gnat
This film isn't without a few good parts, especially the first few scenes, but otherwise it really doesn't do much to excite or interest the viewer.

The Happening   6/26/08
by TheUsualSuspect
The Happening is an unfortunate mess. M. Night had some decent ideas and great shots (I still love the workers falling off the building shot) but nothing to tie everything together.

The Happening   6/20/08
by indianfilmmaker
The film should have been called THE WAITING because thatís all the audience kept doing for something...anything to "happen".

The Happening   6/16/08
by Yoda
The sequence has its problems, but the dialogue takes a sharp turn for the better, and the whole production starts to feel the way we know Shyamalan's films can feel, even if only for a few minutes.

The Happening   6/13/08
by MovieMaker5087 for [i]The Happening[/i], it's just not, well, happening for me. Maybe as a comedy, yes, because I found myself liking this movie for all the wrong reasons. But as a traditional Shyamalan film? No.

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