Equilibrium   1/25/14
by JayDee
Once Preston has stopped taking Prozium and allowed emotions to enter into his life the film completely ignores his home life and how he hides this change.

Equilibrium   3/14/12
by The Rodent
The reasoning is that human emotion is the cause of war, suffering and death, and must be eradicated, along with any form of human emotion including creativity, paintings, music and film.

Equilibrium   6/24/11
by Saully
Equilibrium, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated and underexposed action movies of this decade.

Equilibrium   12/16/08
by meatwadsprite
Christian Bale plays this super killer guy , who's been trained all of his life to shoot people - when he decides he doesn't want to take his medicine anymore , it turns into a good old slow-motion shooting frenzy.

Equilibrium   9/10/07
by The Gnat
Overall, this is a good film, as I like the ideas, and I like the visuals in the film.

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