Sound of Metal   1/04/21
by Gideon58
This is one of the first films I've seen where the character is actually observed experiencing what is happening to him for the first time and Marder and his co-screenwriters take the viewer inside what is happening by Ruben as the sound that Ruben is (or isn't) hearing is the sound we are hearing.

Sound of Metal   12/31/20
by TheUsualSuspect
One day Ruben's hearing suddenly diminishes, to the point where he can't even hear someone talking to him face to face.

Sound of Metal   12/27/20
by Torgo
Also, Ruben's doctors describe the state of his hearing, but we get to hear how he hears thanks to audio effects that simulate the deaf experience.

Sound of Metal   12/20/20
by Takoma11
It's not just Ruben's hearing loss: he is a recovering addict (and Lou also has struggled with self-harm), he must decide whether or not to try to use cochlear implants to try and "fix" his hearing loss, he repeatedly finds himself in situations where he is not "fluent"--unable to understand ASL, an...

Sound of Metal   12/15/20
by ScarletLion
Riz Ahmed plays a metal drummer losing his hearing.

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