The Square   4/10/22
by Takoma11
As I watched this film, sitting through scene after scene of squirm-in-your-seat discomfort, the only thing I could really compare it to was how I felt watching Force Majeure.

The Square   7/12/19
by Citizen Rules
I especially liked the museum's exhibit where visitors have to choose between two paths to enter...they can choose, 'I Trust People' or 'I Don't Trust People'.

The Square   2/19/19
by MovieMeditation
The story taking place in the cinematic Square definitely reflects that of the exhibition Square, which is a fun and thought-provoking parallel and further enforces the saying that film is art and further the fact that The Square definitely tries to reflect art itself.

The Square   2/17/19
by pahaK
First 25 minutes or so are somewhat promising but after that it becomes more and more clear that the purpose is not to laugh at contemporary art per se but to blame its providers and consumers for hypocrisy when they don't live their lives according to noble explanations of the art.

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