Exit Through the Gift Shop   6/28/23
by Takoma11
Frankly, you could put me in a room with five pieces of modern art created with sincerity and five pieces just dashed off to look like real art and I wouldnt take great odds at me spotting the stuff that was created through a genuine process.

Exit Through the Gift Shop   9/30/21
by Thief
From his obsession with carrying a camera and filming everything and his subsequent venture into the world of street art, to his obsession with meeting Banksy and his eventual desire to become a street artist himself.

Exit Through the Gift Shop   4/24/15
by Iroquois
The film's own preconception with the merits of street art and film in general come under scrutiny when Guetta's attempt to actually make his documentary ends up being an unwatchable mess, so Banksy decides to make his own film, reasoning that if Guetta can make one then it can't be that hard.

Exit Through the Gift Shop   8/26/11
by MovieMad16
Banksy ends up persueing him and making a film about why he does street art and the other people who do it around the world.

Exit Through the Gift Shop   4/30/11
by TheUsualSuspect
So Banksy took over filmmaking duties, editing a new film, one that followed Thierry and also showcased street art.

Exit Through the Gift Shop   3/09/10
by christine
On the surface this film is about Frenchman Thierry Guetta's obsession with videoing his life and how he gets in with a French graffitti artist, and from that goes to the US and films all kinds of street artists at work.

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