X2: X-Men United   6/05/14
by The Rodent
Many of the characters were rewritten to give extra screen time, including Storm, and new characters added/rewritten, including Lady Deathstrike and with barely enough time left to actually make the film, a number of characters had to then be deleted and the scripts rewritten once again, which sadly...

X2: X-Men United   8/12/12
by PeterVincent
X2: X-Men United is a wonderful film with huge improvements all round.

X2: X-Men United   6/11/11
by MovieMad16
X Men 2 is the joint greatest comic book film of all time.

X2: X-Men United   6/27/10
by TheUsualSuspect
We are introduced to a popular x-men character, who is visualized perfectly and is one of the best character adaptations the films have ever done and the sequence itself is entertaining.

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